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Harold Hamm
Full name: Harold Hamm
Birthday: December 11, 1945
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Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $17 Billion

Harold Hamm is an American business mogul and self-made billionaire with a estimated net worth of $17 billion. Born in 1945, he has spent more than fifty years in the oil industry and is currently chairman and CEO of one of largest domestic oil companies, Continental Resources.

For those looking to be inspired by true success stories, or if you just want to know how an ordinary man became extraordinary, this article is definitely for you. From his humble beginnings as a laborer at only 14 years old to become the leader of one of the biggest corporations in America – Harold Hamm’s story is truly remarkable.

So what are you waiting for? Read on and get ready to embark on this incredible journey!

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Where Is Harold Hamm From and Where Was Harold Hamm Born

Harold Hamm is an American businessman who was born in Lexington, Oklahoma, United States on December 11, 1945. With a career spanning real estate investments to energy production and beyond, his inimitable insight and influence have made him one of the most successful businessmen in history.

His legacy has established him as an icon for entrepreneurs of all kinds and generations alike; having grown up through difficult circumstances in Oklahoma to become the formidable titan he is today. He's achieved remarkable success through sheer determination and grit; traits that have served him throughout life from humble beginnings to becoming founder-chairman of Continental Resources Inc., now valued at billions of dollars.

A true living legend of our time, Harold Hamm remains unstoppable - showing no signs of slowing down - as his ambition leads him into yet another decade full of possibility.

How Old is Harold Hamm? Harold Hamm Age and Birthday Info

Harold Hamm is 77 years old, born on December 11, 1945 in Lexington, Oklahoma. One of the most successful businessmen of our time, Harold's career has been nothing short of remarkable.

After growing up in a rural farming family and attending college for only one semester, he started his own oil-drilling business with just two used rigs and a loan from his father at the age of 23. Today, at 77 years old on May 19th 2023 (almost 58 years later) his net worth tops $17 billion.

An early advocate for petroleum exploration and renewable energy sources, the magnate helped bring Oklahoma to its status as one of the top oil-producing states in America. He continues to innovate and inspire with an attitude that truly embodies "The American Dream" – proving it is never too late to succeed no matter how unlikely success may seem initially!

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What is Harold Hamm’s Zodiac Sign

Harold Hamm, born on December 11, 1945 is a Sagittarius. For a businessman, possessing the sign of Sagittarius is associated with optimism, enthusiasm and higher ambition levels.

In addition to being incredibly creative and intellectual, they have a great vision for success and are very determined to see it through. Harold Hamm’s sign of Sagittarius illuminates his career choices in business as an ambitious leader with epic ideas.

As someone who jumps at every opportunity without hesitation or second doubt, he's naturally great at multitasking and taking risks due to his optimistic personality. His sense of adventure make him unstoppable - something that has no doubt served him well as one of America's most successful businessmen over the years!

His charisma ensures that those around him are not only inspired by his relentless drive but that he can take whatever challenge comes his way in stride - just another part of what makes this worldly entrepreneur so special!

How Did Harold Hamm Get Famous?

Harold Hamm became famous and popular for his success in the oil and gas industry. Born into modest means, he used hard work, dedication and an unshakeable ambition to become one of the top business figures in America today.

His career began when he took a chance on a small, risky oil exploration project – a move that ultimately paid off big time. Today, Harold is CEO of Continental Resources Inc., which was recently valued at over $14 billion USD.

From humble beginnings to success on a global scale; there’s no denying that Harold Hamm has come far since his days as an individual investor from Enid, Oklahoma. His life story is worthy of admiration – not just for his incredible achievements but also for his ability to take risks while never forgetting where he came from or staying true to his beliefs.

He’s been ‘oil man supreme’ ever since! Harold Hamm not only built up one of the most successful energy companies in the world but also inspires people through dedication and determination: something we could all benefit from!

Harold Hamm Net Worth and Earnings

Harold Hamm's net worth is estimated at $17 billion, making him one of the world's wealthiest tycoons. His success story began when the 77-year-old businessman founded what later became the nation’s first publicly traded oil and gas company in 1967.

Though he faced countless roadblocks and never wavered from his ambitious mission, today Harold Hamm stands as a beacon of resilience and determination for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. As an octogenarian business leader, his wealth continues to grow – proving that it’s never too late to achieve great things!

Life has certainly treated this Oklahoma native well - with estimated lifetime earnings totalling over $25 billion so far, he’s earned himself not only a spot on Vogue's latest list of "The Richest Billionaires Under 80", but also a place in history among illustrious oil magnates like John D. Rockefeller and H.L Hunt. Never one to rest on his laurels, fans can expect intriguing developments from Mr Hamm in the coming months that will no doubt make headlines around the world!

Harold Hamm Nationality and Ethnicity

Harold Hamm is an American businessman of Caucasian ethnicity. His nationality and ethnicity have been greatly influential in constructing his successful career path.

As a proud American, he has leveraged the incredible resources available to him as a citizen of the United States to make himself into one of the country's most successful business leaders. Having direct access to all that America has to offer--from its dazzling capital markets and innovative tech culture, to its unparalleled educational and training opportunities--has enabled Harold Hamm to reach levels of success that few can imagine or achieve.

Truly, this remarkable man's embrace of his nationality and ethnicity drives much of what he represents in business today--a prime example of what ambition, determination, and guts can do for anyone with an unwavering commitment to succeed.

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Harold Hamm Body Measurements

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