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I. M. Pei
Full name: I. M. Pei
Birthday: April 26, 1917
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Net Worth: $150 Million

I. M. Pei, the legendary architect behind some of the most iconic buildings in the world, passed away on May 16th, 2019 at the age of 102. From his birth on April 26th, 1917 in Guangzhou, China to his rise as one of America's most extraordinary architects, Pei had a life full of stories that are worth reading about.

His works graced cities around the globe from New York City to Hong Kong and were recognized for their sleek lines, sharp angles and stunning artistry. But there was more to this enigmatic artist than just his designs: He was a man who didn't shy away from controversy or challenging projects and always rose to the occasion with creativity and vision.

In this article we dive deep into I.M Pei's biography uncovering fascinating insights into his mind-blowing creations and how he achieved such great wealth throughout his illustrious career as an architect.

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Where Is I. M. Pei From and Where Was I. M. Pei Born

I. M. Pei, the renowned architect, was born on April 26, 1917 in Guangzhou, China. I. M. Pei may have been born in Guangzhou, but his impact on the world of architecture is truly global.

From the iconic Louvre Pyramid to the stunning Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong, Pei's designs are celebrated for their sleek lines and timeless elegance. Despite being a giant in his field, Pei remained humble and dedicated throughout his life.

His early years were marked by struggle; he moved to the United States as a teenager and worked tirelessly to earn scholarships that would allow him to attend Harvard University. Once there, however, he quickly made a name for himself as one of the most promising architects of his generation.

His designs blended elements of traditional Chinese architecture with modernist principles, creating buildings that felt both new and familiar at once. Pei's legacy will continue for generations to come - not just through his stunning structures but also through the many young architects who look up to him as an inspiration and role model.

How Old is I. M. Pei? I. M. Pei Age and Birthday Info

I. M. Pei is 106 years old. The world-renowned architect I.M.

Pei was born in Guangzhou, China on April 26, 1917, making him one of the oldest living architects today. Over his long and illustrious career, Pei has designed some of the most iconic buildings in the world, including the Louvre Pyramid in Paris and the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong.

As he marks another year around the sun on his birthday this year, fans of Pei's work are celebrating not just his longevity but also his incredible contributions to modern architecture over nearly a century. Despite having officially retired from architecture after completing his final structural project at age 91, Pei continues to be an inspiration for generations of architects and designers who have followed in his footsteps.

As we look back on a lifetime of innovation and creativity on this special occasion, it's clear that I.M. Pei will always be remembered as one of the greatest architects of our time - no matter how many more birthdays he celebrates!

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What is I. M. Pei’s Zodiac Sign

I. M. Pei was a Taurus. Renowned architect I.M.

Pei, born April 26th 1917, belonged to the zodiac sign of Taurus - known for its determination and practicality. As a grounded earth sign, Taureans are said to be hardworking and persistent, qualities which no doubt helped I.M.

Pei in his successful career as an architect. As one of the most prolific architects of the 20th century, I.M.

Pei's legacy continues to inspire future generations with notable projects such as the Louvre Pyramid in Paris and the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong. While astrology is often seen as whimsical or superstitious, Tauruses have been found to share common traits such as being detail-oriented and reliable - crucial skills for any architect aiming to build structures that stand the test of time.

In short, I.M. Pei's astrological sign may not have shaped his architectural style but perhaps gave him that extra bit of drive needed to tackle grand-scale projects with precision and tenacity.

I. M. Pei Net Worth and Earnings

I. M. Pei's Net Worth is $150 million as of June 25, 2023. Legendary architect I. M. Pei has left an indelible mark on the world of design and architecture with his iconic structures that continue to stand a testament to his creative genius till this day.

Now at the age of 106, Pei's net worth continues to soar even as he enjoys retirement from active service in his profession. His illustrious career spanning several decades has seen him create some of the most notable buildings around the world including The Louvre Pyramid, East Building of National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong, and John F Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston among others.

The recipient multiple prestigious awards and recognitions for his works including being awarded the Pritzker Prize for Architecture, I.M.Pei's impressive net worth is an attestation to his success over the years as one of the greatest architects ever known.

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I. M. Pei Body Measurements

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