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J. P. Manoux
Full name: J. P. Manoux
Birthday: June 08, 1969
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $400 Thousand

Meet J.P. Manoux – the Emmy-nominated actor who has captivated audiences worldwide with his talents! Born on June 8, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, this Hollywood hunk has been acting since 1996 and is worth an astonishing $400 Thousand.

With a career spanning stage performances to film roles and being featured in famous television series such as "ER", "Friends" and "The Jamie Foxx Show" – it's no wonder why he's everyone's favorite star! This article will take a deep dive into the life of J.P. Manoux exploring where he came from and how his unique path led him to become an internationally recognized actor – so dive in and discover all there is to know about one of Tinsel Town's major stars!

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Where Is J. P. Manoux From and Where Was J. P. Manoux Born

J.P. Manoux is an American actor born on June 8, 1969 in Fresno, California. Born to a law enforcement officer father and stay-at-home mom, his early years were marked by traditional values that have lent him the grounding he has carried throughout his career as an actor and continues to draw upon today.

His impressive acting career spans across television, theatre, and film with roles ranging from voice work for video games to sitcom cameos. He prides himself on being able to take on a variety of characters and makes sure any role he accepts has its own signature flair from a subtle nuance in the way he speaks or performs movement – something he says gives all of his performances the necessary touch it needs to bring it to life.

With over 30 years of experience in acting, J.P Manoux is not only passionate about delivering stellar performances but also giving back through fundraising initiatives nearby Fresno and beyond that support worthwhile causes such as animal rescues and cancer research charities.

How Old is J. P. Manoux? J. P. Manoux Age and Birthday Info

J.P Manoux is 53 years old, born on June 8th 1969 in Fresno, California. The American-born actor has had a long and storied career thus far, gracing the big and small screens since his debut role in the hit TV series The Torkelsons at just twelve years of age.

It seems all these years later he shows no signs of slowing down - appearing in major productions such as Curb Your Enthusiasm alongside Larry David or stealing the show each week as Pete Kaczmarek on Scrubs. On his 54th birthday this Saturday, J.P will have been entertaining audiences for over 4 decades - an incredible feat for any performer!

Yet his impact goes beyond just providing us with entertainment - through philanthropy and activism work he has helped make a positive change to countless lives throughout that same time period too. As we wish him a happy birthday this weekend let’s take some time to appreciate all he’s given us over the past two generations!

Here's to J P Manoux - an entertainer and humanitarian truly worthy of recognition!

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What is J. P. Manoux’s Zodiac Sign

J. P. Manoux is a Gemini, born June 8, 1969. This zodiac sign symbolizes communication and creativity - two essential traits for any actor or actress to have to ensure success in their field!

Gemini are known for their ability to move seamlessly between different worlds and perspectives. They're excellent at grasping difficult concepts quickly and adapting to change easily; they're also sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others, possessing an emotional intelligence that brings depth and nuance to their performances.

Their chameleon-like facades make them great shape-shifters when taking on new roles, allowing them to create believable characters with ease. All in all, J. P’s stellar performances can be attributed largely to his strong connection with the creative influences of the stars – which has served him well throughout his career!

J. P. Manoux Net Worth and Earnings

J.P. Manoux's net worth is estimated to be around $400 thousand as of June 6, 2023. The 53 year old actor has been in the world of show business since he was a child and has earned quite a name for himself in his decades-long career.

From starring in sitcoms such as Scrubs to voicing multiple characters on animated series such as Kim Possible, Manoux continues to dominate the acting scene with his characteristic charm and wit. He also works behind the scenes, writing scripts and producing shows.

With an ever growing fan base, J.P.'s appeal has gone beyond film sets and into people's homes; no wonder he’s been featured on magazines like Men's Health and People Magazine! His accomplishments continue to make waves in Hollywood, showing us why he’s one of this generation’s most successful actors!

J. P. Manoux Nationality and Ethnicity

J. P. Manoux is an American actor with a diverse ethnic background, consisting of 50% Armenian, 25% Spanish and 25% mix of Irish, French and likely Scottish heritage. His multi-cultural identity has been a source of immense creativity in his work as an actor: it has inspired him to take on roles that are deeply rooted in different cultural traditions while still reflecting his sense of personal identity.

As Manoux puts it himself: "My multiethnicity has made me incredibly flexible and able to identify with many different backgrounds."

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J. P. Manoux Body Measurements

Height: 168 cm or 5′5″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

J. P. Manoux stands at a height of 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m). As an actor from the United States, his body measurements are key to landing roles that require both a boyish charm and a certain maturity – and he certainly has just that!

His slim frame allows for him to play both juvenile roles as well as adult ones, with ease. A true chameleon, Manoux is also dexterous when taking on more dynamic characters; his ability to physically embody characters makes him perfect for action films and other genres where physicality is paramount.

With such versatility, J.P Manoux’s body type proves to be ideal for any role he takes on!

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