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Jamal Lewis
Full name: Jamal Lewis
Birthday: August 26, 1979
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: ,
Net Worth: -$1 Million

Jamal Lewis is a former American football player who electrified the National Football League with his outstanding performances throughout his 11-year career from 2000 to 2011. This article dives into the inspiring life of Jamal Lewis, exploring how he overcame poverty after being raised in East Baltimore and rocketed to NFL stardom.

Despite various tragedies and hardships such as legal issues and financial losses, he was still able to become one of the most successful athletes in history! Whether you are an avid NFL fan or just looking for an uplifting story, this is certainly worth your time!

So don't miss out – find out why Jamal Lewis' story has been so impactful and why it should be celebrated!

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Where Is Jamal Lewis From and Where Was Jamal Lewis Born

Jamal Lewis is an American professional football player born on August 26, 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia. He has a storied and successful career as the first round draft pick of the Baltimore Ravens in 2000.

His powerful running style made him one of the most beloved players in New England Patriots history and he holds many prestigious honors such as NFL Offensive Player of the Year (2003), Pro Bowl selection (2005), and two-time Super Bowl champion (XXXV & XLIX). Off the field, Jamal is an active philanthropist with his own charitable organization dedicated to supporting underprivileged youth.

He has also recently earned great acclaim for his role as sports analyst for several TV networks. Jamal's life story —from humble beginnings in Atlanta to becoming a highly respected NFL star—epitomizes resilience, confidence, hard work, and never giving up on your dreams!

How Old is Jamal Lewis? Jamal Lewis Age and Birthday Info

Jamal Lewis is 43 years old. His birthday falls on August 26, 1979, and he was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

As one of the most powerful running backs in the NFL, Jamal Lewis has seen it all over his nearly two decade-long career with Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns. His illustrious resume includes a Super Bowl championship in 2000, two Pro Bowl selections, and a pair of First-Team All Pros nominations.

Since retiring from football a few years ago Lewis has been turning heads as an entrepreneur - owning several businesses ranging from restaurants to real estate investments. As if that weren't enough to define his lasting legacy off the field, he's also dedicated much of his time to philanthropic work.

Through his charitable organization "Jamal’s Drive Time" he helps disadvantaged youth by providing resources such as college funding and mentorship opportunity grants. According to Jamal himself: "Giving back is something I hold very close to my heart — not only because it’s important but because those same people gave so much to me throughout my life."

As Jamal celebrates yet another birthday milestone this year let us take a moment today to reflect upon his impressive track record both on and off the field!

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What is Jamal Lewis’s Zodiac Sign

Jamal Lewis's zodiac sign is Virgo. This means he seeks perfection, takes meticulous care when working on tasks, and that he always puts in his best effort -- all great qualities for a successful American football player like him.

He also has a strong eye for detail and is able to perfectly analyze any situation from multiple angles. These characteristics have served Jamal Lewis well throughout his distinguished American football career, making him one of the most successful players since he was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2000.

His uncanny insight has led to numerous awards and accomplishments over the past two decades, including three Pro Bowl selections and a single-game rushing record that still stands today. With his hardworking nature and natural analytical abilities, it’s no surprise that Jamal Lewis continues to be an inspiration both on and off the field as he approaches age 44 later this year.

Jamal Lewis Net Worth and Earnings

Jamal Lewis's Net Worth is -$1 Million. With all the intense preparation and focus that resulted in one of the most successful careers, Jamal Lewis should be able to boast a higher net worth.

As an American football player who has achieved accolades with his teams on and off the field, Jamal had found himself at home with the Baltimore Ravens from 2000-2006, where he was named Offensive Player of Year and was twice selected for Pro Bowls during his tenure. Now retired at age 43, Jamal Lewis may not have made millions playing professional football but has left behind a legacy as an inspirational athlete whose commitment to excellence changed the game forever.

Jamal Lewis Nationality and Ethnicity

Jamal Lewis is an American football player with U.S. nationality and American ethnicity. His roots to the United States have been instrumental in his success as a professional athlete, giving him access to top-tier sports institutions and facilities.

There's no denying Jamal has worked hard honing his craft and pouring out sweat on the practice field, however growing up in America afforded him the opportunity to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional athlete. With grit and determination, he defied all odds presented against him due to his skin color or ethnic background while still receiving critique and support from members of both communities, allowing him to maintain unique perspectives that extend far beyond the realm of sports.

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Jamal Lewis Body Measurements

Height: 180 cm or 5′10″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Jamal Lewis stands at 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m) and is an American football player for the United States of America. His size helps him to be agile and effective on the field, translating into success in his sport.

The 200-pound athlete attributes much of his success to knowing how to leverage his body measurements, which add strength as well as speed. He focuses on a high protein diet combined with dedicated off-the-field preparation that keeps him at peak performance under any condition.

With this winning combination of nutrition, training, and natural ability, Jamal Lewis continues showing why he's one of the best athletes in the National Football League today!

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