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James Purefoy
Full name: James Purefoy
Birthday: June 03, 1964
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $2.4 Million

Dive into the life of renowned British actor James Purefoy and find out how this talented celebrity has conquered both the stage and screen! From his humble beginnings as a kid growing up in Devon to leading roles in some of Hollywood's most acclaimed films, James' story is an inspirational one.

As he turns 56 today, it's time to take a look at this amazing man's wealthy legacy – from vast net worth to numerous awards, you won't want to miss finding out what makes James Purefoy so special! With his unique talent, unforgettable charisma and passion for performing arts, this modern-day renaissance man is sure to make our hearts melt.

So don't wait any longer – explore why we should all raise a toast for a living legend that is James Purefoy!

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Where Is James Purefoy From and Where Was James Purefoy Born

James Purefoy, an English actor, was born on June 3, 1964 in Taunton, England. Now 59 years of age and living in Los Angeles for the past several decades to pursue his acting career, James is a distinguished figure both onstage and off.

From his role as Mark Antony in HBO's Rome to more recent appearances in films like High-Rise and Kingsman: The Golden Circle, it’s clear that James has had no shortage of success over the last few decades - a feat worth celebrating! After starting with smaller parts and stage performances around Britain early on in his career, Hollywood soon became home for James - but he hasn't forgotten where he began.

His dedication to finding new stories to tell through his art allows him to showcase the same commitment he once had to a small theatre group from Taunton all those years ago.

How Old is James Purefoy? James Purefoy Age and Birthday Info

James Purefoy is 58 years old, born June 3, 1964 in Taunton, England. The renowned British actor James Purefoy celebrated his 58th birthday this year with a career full of accomplishments that have earned him the admiration of both critics and audiences alike.

His performance in films like A Knight's Tale and Rome has won fans around the world for decades. At 58-years-old, he continues to star in films and television series that are captivating viewers everywhere.

He shows no sign of slowing down at this age. This real-life knight continues to bring characters to life on stage and screen with remarkable performances that will continue to awe us for many more years ahead!

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What is James Purefoy’s Zodiac Sign

James Purefoy is a Gemini, born on June 3rd 1964. Geminis are known to be communicative and analytical, qualities that make them well-suited for their profession of choice as an actor.

They have the ability to read people quickly and make adjustments accordingly, often interpreting the emotions of those around them with great skill. As an actor, this allows James Purefoy to connect with his audience in a deep and meaningful way.

His attention for detail also enables him to take on complex roles that bring out his true acting genius. But what does being a Gemini mean specifically?

This air sign is often described as one who is intellectual yet social, able to find joy in both solitary activities like reading or writing as well as more engaging tasks such as playing sports or attending parties. Being a natural conversationalist and creative thinker makes them incredibly adept when it comes to solving problems quickly - something which can come in handy for any actor when they have lines needing memorised at short notice!

It's no surprise then why James has remianed so successful throughout his career; the combination of his passion for performing coupled with the traits typical of those born under the star sign of Gemini are certainly a winning formula!

How Did James Purefoy Get Famous?

James Purefoy got famous and popular through his acting career. He started out in the 1980's, appearing in a number of smaller roles throughout the decade at both the stage and onscreen.

As he entered his 30s, James broke into television where he found greater success, starring in several high-profile British series that gained him wider recognition throughout Europe. By then, Hollywood had taken notice of this talented actor from across the pond and offered him leading roles in some of their most successful films.

From there onward, James was unstoppable - making appearances on TV shows like Rome and The Following while continuing to take on big movie roles such as Ironclad until today. Despite turning 58 this year, James has managed to stay relevant and maintain an impressive cinema portfolio that undoubtedly helped propel him into fame and popularity over time.

James Purefoy Net Worth and Earnings

James Purefoy's net worth is estimated to be around $2.4 Million. The 58-year-old actor has had an impressive career and a vast portfolio of work, culminating in his iconic trademark as an actor.

With a career spanning over two decades, James Purefoy has become something of a household name with cameos in some of the most popular films and TV shows across the genre spectrum. His hard work and dedication have paid off, allowing him to amass quite the fortune for himself and his family.

On May 26, 2023 he stands among the highest earning actors in Hollywood, boasting a net worth that many can only dream of achieving. Artistry aside, James Purefoy gives fans much more - access into his exclusive world through well-known projects he's starred in such as Fox Television series 'The Following', HBO’s 'Rome'and Netflix's 'Altered Carbon'.

By now it should come as no surprise why this suave Englishman is considered one of the greats by film critics alike - luxury goods awaits!

James Purefoy Nationality and Ethnicity

James Purefoy is a British actor. His mixed heritage of English, Scottish, Irish, and Jewish backgrounds has certainly lent itself to his career.

It's no surprise he has found such success: having an historically rich ethnic background in the United Kingdom allows him the range and versatility to convincingly portray a variety of characters from historical epics (think his role as Mark Antony in HBO's Rome) to sinister villains (such as in Altered Carbon). Both within the screen world and the real one, James’ multi-ethnicity has been integral for crafting a unique identity in his acting career.

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James Purefoy Body Measurements

Height: 185 cm or 6′0″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

James Purefoy is a British actor with a height of 6 ft (1.854 m). His physique has been essential to his success as an actor, particularly in the physical roles he has played.

His tall stature gives him an imposing presence on stage and screen – along with his strong chin, chiseled jaw line and broad shoulders it’s easy to see why he's been cast as heroic leads in action films such as Ironclad and historical epics like Rome. Yet these body measurements have not limited James' ability to take on a variety of character roles.

He seems equally comfortable playing kings in period pieces or modern day CIA agents – both requiring different physicality yet somehow perfectly suited for this versatile man.

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