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Jim McIngvale
Full name: Jim McIngvale
Birthday: February 11, 1951
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Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $300 Million

Meet Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale – the man of immense success from humble beginnings. Born to an average working-class family, Jim is now worth a staggering $300 million!

And his wealth comes from a creative risk-taking business strategy in furniture retailing. But, there’s much more to this extraordinary millionaire than making money.

From hosting major sporting events and charity initiatives to surviving cancer, experience the incredible life and inspiring story of Mattress Mack with us! Join us on a journey to discover how one person's ambition and ingenuity can change everything, while you answer the question: How did Jim go from rags to riches?

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Where Is Jim McIngvale From and Where Was Jim McIngvale Born

Jim McIngvale, the Texan business executive and philanthropist, was born in Starkville, Mississippi on February 11, 1951. After graduating from college in 1974 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from The University of Texas at Austin, McIngvale moved to Houston and established Gallery Furniture – now America’s largest furniture store.

Vanity Fair would not be complete without an article about Jim McIngvale! Known as ‘Mattress Mac’ for his success as a modern-day furniture mogul, this 72-year old's humble beginnings are worth noting.

Being raised in small town Mississipi, he had big dreams and began working towards them right away. Graduating college at 23 years old followed by moving to Houston shortly after to set up its now iconic Gallery Furniture store is inspiring.

Apart from his success as an entrepreneur he has also been commended for his humanitarian efforts during the 2017 Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and his commitment to giving back through mentorship programs. His lifetime achievements are truly remarkable!

How Old is Jim McIngvale? Jim McIngvale Age and Birthday Info

Jim McIngvale is 72 years old. Born on February 11, 1951 in Starkville, Mississippi, this successful executive has gone from humble roots to becoming a household name across the country.

Beloved for his philanthropy and business success, Jim is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs who aspire to reach the same level of success as him. This trailblazer took his first job at 22 years old straight out of college after studying marketing and statistics in 1974 when he founded Gallery Furniture with $5000 borrowed from family friends.

Within a few decades, he turned his small startup into one of the most profitable contemporary furniture stores in the United States with 26 brick-and-mortar locations and two massive distribution hubs situated on more than 50 acres of land. Success isn’t measured by material wealth alone for this visionary – throughout his professional journey, Jim has embraced giving back to society through various charities and causes that directly benefit those struggling with poverty or homelessness such as Mattress Mack’s Camp Hope emergency housing program which he funded himself during Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in 2017.

Today at 72 years old ,Jim remains active behind the scenes continuing to make positive changes in people’s lives while also inspiring others to do their part where they can.

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What is Jim McIngvale’s Zodiac Sign

Jim McIngvale's Zodiac Sign is Aquarius, making him an independent and innovative leader. He has the power to think more outside the box than any other sign in the zodiac.

As an executive, Jim McIngvale can thrive when given a unique challenge as his creativity and intuition will help him find new solutions to complex problems. He is also characterized by his desire for progress and change, driving towards finding ways to move the company forward through innovation.

This makes McIngvale stand out from most executives due to his inventive mindset which allows him to stay one step ahead of competitors while inspiring others around him with ideas that could potentially revolutionize business. With his curious nature and warm-heartedness, he takes time to consider every angle before making decisions that could benefit both himself professionally and those around him personally, making sure everyone wins in the end when it comes to progress and growth.

Jim McIngvale Net Worth and Earnings

Jim McIngvale’s net worth is estimated to be close to $300 million. The 72-year-old executive has made a massive fortune over the course of his career, and definitely stands out as one of the most successful businessmen in the industry.

Starting with humble beginnings, Jim worked hard and was able to build himself up from nothing. His dedication led him to eventually open a furniture store in Houston, Texas, which turned into an empire that included other stores around the country and beyond.

He continues to be involved in multiple business ventures, further adding to his impressive wealth accumulation each year. Possessing a strong character and unwavering determination are what sets Jim apart from his peers as he continues paving the road towards achieving bigger success even at this age.

All things considered, it's no surprise that Jim McIngvale remains one of today's top business moguls with an enviable amount of wealth accumulated over time.

Jim McIngvale Nationality and Ethnicity

Jim McIngvale is an American executive of Pakistani ethnicity. As a successful businessman, Jim has taken advantage of his multifaceted background to create and run a network of stores that cater to every ethnicity across the United States.

His ability to connect with all cultures has been essential in creating strong relationships and understanding the needs of various communities. Through his own example of dedication and hard work, Jim encourages others from all walks of life to strive for success.

He sees himself as a representative for both American culture as well as those from other countries - showcasing how different backgrounds can be embraced in pursuit of greater opportunities.

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Jim McIngvale Body Measurements

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