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Juan Carlos Varela
Full name: Juan Carlos Varela
Birthday: December 12, 1963
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Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $20 Million

Juan Carlos Varela, the 60-year-old politician from Panama and current president of the nation, has already made his mark in history! Elected to office at age 50, this self-made millionaire has achieved a remarkable success and is surely an inspiration for all.

But what else do you know about him? His humble beginnings and how he got to where he is today – worth a reported $20 million?

Read on to find out more. With exclusive details from sources close to Varela, we'll reveal what makes this prominent leader tick and provides insight into his bold journey.

Don't miss the opportunity to read about Juan Carlos Varela's inspiring story that will have you motivated for greatness!

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Where Is Juan Carlos Varela From and Where Was Juan Carlos Varela Born

Juan Carlos Varela is a Panamanian politician born December 12, 1963 in Panama City, Panama. In spite of a decades-long career that put him at the center of international politics and business, Juan Carlos Varela's life began humbly enough.

Born in poverty to hardworking parents who worked tirelessly for his future success, he grew up with a strong sense of right and wrong - something that would prove to be an invaluable part of his eventual entrance into public service. An avid student growing up, it was no surprise when Juan Carlos decided to pursue higher education abroad with the goal of learning how best to serve his country and its citizens by understanding their needs and desires on an international level.

That ambition has been realized today: as President of Panama since 2014 and leader of one of Central America's most prosperous countries, Varela continues working tirelessly with colleagues worldwide toward furthering economic stability and growth within the Central American region.

How Old is Juan Carlos Varela? Juan Carlos Varela Age and Birthday Info

Juan Carlos Varela is 59 years old, born on December 12, 1963 in Panama City, Panama. As a proud Panamanian and leader of his nation, Juan Carlos Varela has always made sure he remains connected to the people.

He grew up as a testament to hard work and dedication - values that have become the foundation of his presidential career. Today marks 59 years since his birth; this strong yet compassionate politician is celebrated for his unwavering commitment to the welfare and development of all Panamanians.

Now, on this special day, let us look back at how much the brotherly leader has achieved in such a short time - from initiating several social welfare programs across Panama to making it more internationally connected than ever before. In honor of all that's been accomplished under his guidance over these last few decades and wishing him many happy returns as he celebrates this remarkable milestone with family and friends.

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What is Juan Carlos Varela’s Zodiac Sign

Juan Carlos Varela's zodiac sign is Sagittarius, making him a progressive thinker, independent and open-minded. As a politician, his personality traits prove to be an asset and will serve him well during decision-making.

Sagittarians thrive on freedom and opportunity to explore endless possibilities - something that can only come with thriving leadership capabilities in the political arena. Juan Carlos Varela is no stranger to success!

Being born under the sign of Sagittarius has allowed him to approach politics in a way that allows for innovative solutions to arise and his decisions are often made with wisdom in mind. His progressive nature encourages change and progress while allowing room for compromise; this combination makes him an ideal leader as he looks towards the future of politics.

His ambition ensures that every new challenge gets conquered with grace – whether it’s domestic or international policy!

Juan Carlos Varela Net Worth and Earnings

Juan Carlos Varela's net worth is estimated to be around $20 Million. 59-year-old Juan Carlos Varela, a Panamanian Politician and businessman, has earned a grand fortune of $20 Million as of May 9, 2023.

A successful career in politics which began with his election as mayor of Panama City back in 1996 paved the way for him to become the vice president in 2009 and then the president of Panama from 2014 - 2019. His business venture includes shares held in companies like Bisa International Inc., Cable Onda and several others.

He regained public attention when he ran for cabinet minister again in 2021 but was ultimately unsuccessful due to an election fraud allegation against him. Despite any political conundrum, one cannot deny that Juan Carlo Varela has made some great success financially throughout his career and will continue climbing up the ladder soon enough!

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Juan Carlos Varela Body Measurements

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