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Kim Jong-un
Full name: Kim Jong-un
Birthday: August 01, 1984
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $21 Million

Explore the captivating rise and enigmatic life of the controversial North Korean supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. Born on January 8th 1983, this maverick politician is one of the youngest and most powerful rulers in modern times.

With a personal net worth estimated at $21 million and an immense influence over his nation’s army and economy, Kim's actions are constantly observed by the world. Are you curious to understand how this mystery man rose to power?

Uncovering stories from his past that shaped him into the leader he is today? Then this article is certainly for you!

Delve into our exclusive biography on Kim Jong-un right now to uncover more intriguing tales about this remarkable figure!

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Where Is Kim Jong-un From and Where Was Kim Jong-un Born

Kim Jong-un is a North Korean politician and the current Supreme Leader of North Korea. He was born on January 8, 1983 in Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea.

Since his emergence onto the world stage in 2011, Kim Jong-un has been a controversial figure both at home and abroad. But whether you agree with his ideologies or not, one thing is for sure: he has had an undeniable impact on global politics over the past decade.

As one of the youngest leaders in modern history and heir to a powerful dynasty that spans generations, Kim Jong-un's rise to power in 2011 shocked many around the world. With diplomatic visits abroad and direct negotiations with other heads of state such as Donald Trump (with whom he struck an unprecedented deal regarding nuclear arms in 2018), Kim Jong-un has positioned himself as a formidable leader capable of steering his nation through some very unpredictable times.

Although critics remain divided over how successful his efforts have been thus far, there is no denying that Kim Jong-un's mark will be felt long after his reign ends -- whatever that looks like for North Korea's future.

How Old is Kim Jong-un? Kim Jong-un Age and Birthday Info

Kim Jong-un is 36 years old; he was born on January 8, 1983 in Pyongyang, North Korea. The notorious leader of the Hermit Kingdom has grown from a neurotic young man to a formidable politician at the age of 36, becoming one of the most recognisable and enigmatic figures in politics.

With his signature slicked back haircut and signature style, it's hard to believe that Kim Jong-un turns 37 this year. His reign over the past few years has been full of tension and international news coverage as world leaders grapple with his negotiating tactics — but while his methods may be controversial they've resulted in an impressive diplomatic success story as we watch him shape North Korean foreign policy.

It's no surprise then that this long time ruler continues to captivate audiences everywhere as he approaches what could be an even more influential period than ever before: turning 37. Whether you love him or hate him there is no denying that Kim Jong-Un remains a highly influential figure throughout the world - both politically and personally - leading up to this pivotal milestone birthday.

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What is Kim Jong-un’s Zodiac Sign

Kim Jong-un is a Capricorn, born on January 8th, 1983. This sign epitomizes the qualities of ambition and determination, making it an ideal placement for a politician like Kim.

He has seen the highs and lows of politics in the past decades since his birth, but he's still here — now with over four decades in office, his success as a career politico speaks volumes about his capability to handle difficult diplomatic issues. His natural ability to think ahead gives him an edge when dealing with global crises; no matter what's thrown at him, he manages to come out on top each time.

On top of that, he also blends pragmatism with brilliant vision to create lasting solutions that better serve North Korea's population — a true leader who puts the well-being of his people first and foremost.

How Did Kim Jong-un Get Famous?

Kim Jong-un has become famous and popular through his position as the Supreme Leader of North Korea. He rose to power in 2011 after his father, Kim Jong-il died, securing the title for himself by appealing to members of both North Korean's military and citizens.

In an exclusive with Vogue Magazine, we look into how Kim has maintained his status amongst the people of the country despite using oppressive tactics like drug and weapon sales, cash counterfeiting and other human rights violations — all while maintaining a sense of glamour that many are unable to deny. While much of what goes in within North Korea remains shrouded in secrecy, it is clear that Kim is a charismatic leader whose presence and ambition have captivated many within the countrys borders.

In spite of tight control over media access and communication with outside sources being limited or non existent in some areas, it appears that ultimately loyalty to him is still strong amongst many citizens due to his charisma as well as access provided through material goods such as electricity or higher quality food not available elsewhere. Love or hate him there’s no denying he’s made quite an impression on North Koreans both domestically and internationally; making Kim Jong-un one man who has managed to make himself famous regardless of public opinion about him or opposition from abroad.

Kim Jong-un Net Worth and Earnings

Kim Jong-un's Net Worth is estimated at $21 million. Today, the enigmatic North Korean leader commands a wealth far outpacing his predecessors, rivaling some of the world's most powerful individuals.

His fortune is largely amassed through drug and weapon sales, as well as cash counterfeiting activities. At just 36 years of age, he has single-handedly propelled himself onto a list few thought possible for someone of his background and ideological beliefs.

With great power comes great responsibility - in 2021 he announced plans to use funds from these illicit operations to improve public infrastructure and education within his country - a rare act of kindness from an otherwise reviled figure. As 2023 draws near, it remains unclear what other measures Kim Jong-un will take to further build upon his net worth; whether for good or ill only time will tell.

Kim Jong-un Nationality and Ethnicity

Kim Jong-un's nationality is North Korean and his ethnicity is 75% Korean and 25% Japanese. His unique cultural background has been prominent in his work as a politician, having helped shape the different foreign policies he implemented during his tenure.

Considered a powerful leader, Kim Jong-un's upbringing was heavily influenced by both the North Korean culture and Japanese heritage, leading to an unprecedented approach to global affairs. With a deep appreciation of history and tradition, it comes as no surprise that many people view him as one of the most respected politicians today.

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Kim Jong-un Body Measurements

Height: 175 cm or 5′8″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair color: Black
Hair style: Caesar
Waist size: 100
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No

Kim Jong-un is a male politician of North Korean nationality who stands at 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m) and has black hair and dark brown eyes. As the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un's body measurements have been scrutinized by the media to exemplify what it might take to lead such a powerful nation.

His stature is not overly imposing, yet he doesn't shrink away from his position as supreme leader; rather he uses his presence to command authority that resonates within the country with every public appearance. Furthermore, even though he often appears in military attire or suits which can be somewhat roomy in disguise of any fluctuations in weight gain or loss, many sources claim that he has been able to stay relatively trim over the years without increasing health risks.

Undoubtedly, these features ensure that his physicality contributes significantly to maintaining the power dynamics between himself and those around him.

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