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Master P
Full name: Master P
Birthday: April 29, 1970
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: , , , ,
Net Worth: $210 Million

Legendary rap mogul, Master P, has become a mainstay in the hip hop industry over the past decades. Born Percy Robert Miller on April 29, 1970, Master P started as a rapper and later transformed into an actor, entrepreneur and record producer.

With prominent albums such as Ghetto Postage released in 2001 and Good Side Bad Side released in 2004, Master P has smashed Billboard Charts across categories and ranks 12th on Forbes’ list of Richest Rappers with an estimated net worth of $210 Million today. But how did this self-made millionaire accomplish all his success?

His story is one full of passion and determination that can inspire us all! Get ready to discover the inspiring story of extraordinary rapper turned mogul—here's what you need to know about Master P's remarkable life!

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Where Is Master P From and Where Was Master P Born

Master P is an American rapper, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur who hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. Born on April 29th 1970, the 53-year-old's star continues to shine bright.

The iconic artist has become a symbol of success in the hip-hop industry thanks to his ability to combine entrepreneurial spirit with unmatched creativity. From humble beginnings growing up in New Orleans' Calliope Projects to selling millions of albums worldwide today, Master P is a testament that any dream can be achieved when you put your heart and soul into it.

His rise in fame has made him an influential figure within the music industry and shows no signs of slowing down even after three decades since his reach first began. Master P embodies ambition and excellence, making him one of the most recognizable figures not just in rap but across many fields.

How Old is Master P? Master P Age and Birthday Info

At 56 years of age, Master P (born Percy Robert Miller) is still on the scene and making moves. By day, he is a successful record producer, rapper, actor and entrepreneur who stands at the top of the entertainment world.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 29th 1970, Master P has made an incredible career for himself in a variety of ways over his inspiring five-decade life's work. In 2020 Master P launched a new venture: No Limit Boys & Girls Club-- providing nutrition awareness programs as well as mentorship sessions across 10 different cities which helps to promote education in today's youth.

Additionally it was recently announced that he will be starring alongside former NFL athlete Terrell Owens in a new action/comedy movie called The Trap House. Master P’s shows no signs of slowing down and we are sure that his commitment to giving back to his community along with exploring alternative paths such as film-work set him up for success in these coming years!

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What is Master P’s Zodiac Sign

Master P's zodiac sign is Taurus, the bull. As a grounded and reliable sign, rap-mogul Master P's stubborn determination to win in life - through both his music and entrepreneurial ventures - can be seen as a direct result of this fixed sign.

His steady approach has enabled him to craft an impressive legacy over the past 53 years, proving himself successful as a rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur. The envy of many hip-hop moguls across the world, Master P epitomises confidence and resilience.

With his tenacity stemming from being ruled by Venus; he maintains his cool composure when it comes to making serious decisions about business deals. His loyal personality means that those around him always feel supported by his presence; creating strong relationships with other powerful figures within the industry – something which is integral in remaining at the top of any professional chain.

It’s no wonder why after decades of success Master P remains one of the most influential figures in music culture today!

How Did Master P Get Famous?

Master P became famous and popular for his rap music, record producing, acting, and entrepreneurial success. He rose to fame in the late 1990s with hit albums such as 'Ice Cream Man' and 'Ghetto D'.

Since then, Master P has consistently released chart-topping singles that have gone multi-platinum. He has also produced a number of successful television shows, including an animated series based on one of his songs.

In addition to his musical success, he is well recognised for his business acumen which saw him build an empire worth millions of dollars. Now aged 56 and still going strong, Master P has experienced it all: from record-breaking albums to award nominations; from international concerts to successful business ventures; not forgetting the memorable dating history with Karrine Steffans!

With all this success comes celebrity status so despite the years passing by online fans continue to admire this incredible artist who has paved the way for many aspiring musicians today – truly making him one of the biggest names in rap music.

Master P Net Worth and Earnings

Master P's net worth is an impressive $210 million. The multi-talented rapper, producer, actor, and entrepreneur has earned his enormous wealth through his music career as well as various business ventures.

At just 56 years old and never stopping to reinvent himself, Master P has established a solid legacy in the entertainment industry. He made a name for himself early on with his distinctive sound which caught the attention of both fans and critics alike.

His success quickly spread into other projects such as acting in television and film, franchising several businesses, founding record labels and much more! Not one to rest on laurels or be complacent about his accomplishments, Master P continues to diversify and expand different facets of his empire -- he even launched a financial literacy program that helps people gain knowledge over their finances.

As each day passes by without fail, it's easy to see why this mogul remains so successful despite being around since 1983 - he makes power moves like no other!

Master P Nationality and Ethnicity

Master P is an African-American man from the United States of America. Born in New Orleans and raised in South Central, Los Angeles, his life has been shaped both culturally and creatively by his roots.

His music echoes elements of hip hop, rap and soul that have served as staples for African American culture. As a result, he has gone on to become a major industry force as a record producer, rapper, entrepreneur, and actor on the global scale.

Drawing power from his heritage gave him an edge to succeed among icons within the entertainment industry. Ultimately proving that ethnicity can be leveraged into success when embraced instead of concealed.

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Master P Body Measurements

Height: 193 cm or 6′3″
Weight: 100 kg or 220 lbs
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Master P is an American rapper, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. He stands at a towering height of 1.93 m (6' 4") and weighs 100kg (220 lbs), with black hair and brown eyes.

His impressive physique undoubtedly contributes to his success in the entertainment industry as an artist who demands attention on stage. His vast array of talent has established him as one of America's most successful figures in music, business, and fashion.

Furthermore, Master P’s intimidating stature provides a powerful presence that amplifies all aspects of his performance — demonstrating the importance of physical attributes for those who seek fame in show business.

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