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MC Serch
Full name: MC Serch
Birthday: May 06, 1967
Height: No Data
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $800 Thousand

Meet Michael Berrin, also known as MC Serch. This legendary American rapper is one of the pioneers of hip-hop and has been making music since his first groundbreaking album dropped in 1990.

With swaggering confidence and undeniable talent, MC Serch has captivated audiences for decades with hit songs like "Back to the Grill Again," "Here It Comes," and many more. His career has earned him an estimated net worth of $800 thousand and widespread recognition in the rap scene.

So what makes this musical genius tick? Read on to find out!

From his humble beginnings in Queens, New York City, to setting stages on fire around the globe—this article will take you through a riveting journey of how one man changed hip-hop history forever. Get ready to meet the real MC Serch!

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Where Is MC Serch From and Where Was MC Serch Born

MC Serch was born in Queens, New York City on May 6th, 1967. Growing up in Queens is a special kind of experience that informs who you become and what you produce.

He has certainly taken the life lessons he learned from living there to achieve greatness as a rapper. In 2023, at the age of 56, MC Serch is an iconic hip-hop star whose creative vision continues to captivate new generations of fans.

His rhymes are still beloved by millions around the world who look upon him with admiration for his talent and finesse throughout his career. His songs examine not only the music but also the culture behind it while providing a voice for those around him—bringing awareness to important socio-political issues like racism, police brutality and more.

As we look forward to continued creativity and success from this legendary artist, we can all be thankful that Queen’s most compelling storyteller was born among us all those years ago!

How Old is MC Serch? MC Serch Age and Birthday Info

MC Serch is 55 years old, born on May 6, 1967 in Queens, New York City. The rapper has been living an inspirational life for 56 years and continues to be an icon of the Hip-Hop industry.

MC Serch's remarkable career began as a youngster growing up in Queens before establishing himself as a leading artist who changed the landscape of modern rap music. He rose to widespread fame after releasing his debut album Return of the Product and being one of the founding members of 3rd Bass alongside Pete Nice.

Today, he continues to influence countless rappers with his skillset on the mic, clever wordplay and unparalleled production style while championing social issues that matter deeply to him. The 55 year-old will celebrate his birthday this Sunday: a milestone achieved not only through hard work but also creativity and resilience.

From making waves in underground hip-hop battles then mainstream radio to producing iconic albums: MC Serch truly has conquered milestones throughout every stage of his career - reflections worth celebrating this week!

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What is MC Serch’s Zodiac Sign

MC Serch is a Taurus and this zodiac sign is known to be ambitious, persistent, and an independent worker. For a rapper like MC Serch who has been in the music industry since 1987 when he first debuted as one of the two MCs in 3rd Bass, these qualities have contributed to his long-standing career.

Not only are Taureans hardworking, they also stay calm under pressure; something that could come really handy during performances on stage. Furthermore, Taureans also care deeply about their friends and family which might explain why many other rappers have cited him as such an integral part of the hip hop community for more than three decades.

With his passionate love for innovative collaborations and influential lyrics - together with all those admirable traits from being a Taurus - it’s no wonder why MC Serch is still conquering stages worldwide today!

MC Serch Net Worth and Earnings

MC Serch has a net worth of $800 thousand as of May 13, 2023. The 55-year-old rapper and music producer is a true testament to hustle and grind.

Despite having been in the rap game since 1987, Mc Serch continues to stay relevant and make waves on the hip hop scene with his inspirational beats and rhymes. One look at MC Serch’s career trajectory makes it clear why he’s accumulated wealth for over three decades—his relentless work ethic.

He served as an associate producer for albums from Nas and EPMD, co-founded his own label, hosted TV shows like MTV’s ‘The Lyricist Lounge Show’ and 'Hip Hop Shop', released five solo albums, wrote two books about hip hop culture—and that's not even counting all the guest appearances he's made throughout his career! While he may not have achieved fame on the same level of other rappers from the 90s golden era, MC Serch has certainly established himself firmly within hip hop history.

MC Serch Nationality and Ethnicity

MC Serch is an American rapper of American ethnicity. His background has had a large impact on his artistry, especially in terms of providing inspiration for the subject matter explored within his music.

As an artist hailing from a diverse and unique culture, he has used his platform to amplify voices that would otherwise go unheard. Through his emotional and powerful lyricism, MC Serch sheds light on both personal and societal struggles faced by marginalized communities with which he identifies.

This is something that truly sets him apart from other hip hop artists; not only does he craft exceptional music, but also provides representation to those who need it most.

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MC Serch Body Measurements

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