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Meek Mill
Full name: Meek Mill
Birthday: May 06, 1987
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: ,
Net Worth: $20 Million

Meek Mill is an award-winning rapper and one of the most influential public figures in hip hop. Born on May 6, 1987 in Philadelphia, he has been a force to be reckoned with since his debut studio album Dreams & Nightmares hit the Billboard 200 chart back in 2012.

Boasting a net worth of around $20 million and collaborations with some of the biggest names in pop culture, Meek Mill is not your average rap artist! Read this exclusive article to find out what makes him truly stand out – from his rise to fame to his controversial legal battles; we've got it all covered.

Get ready for a wild ride as we explore inside the fascinating world of Meek Mill!

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Where Is Meek Mill From and Where Was Meek Mill Born

Meek Mill is a rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, born on May 6, 1987. He began his career when he was still a teenager and has since become one of the most respected names in hip-hop.

The pride of Philadelphia, Meek Mill rose to fame as an artist within the city’s rich culture of music and artistry. His upbringing shaped him into an instrumental figure whose life and work becomes synonymous with his hometown.

An advocate of empowering others to strive for greatness, Meek Mill has used his success to bring awareness to civil rights issues often overlooked by mainstream media. From gritty street corners in North Philly all the way up to Grammy awards and platinum records, Meek Mill has stood as a symbol of ambition around the world.

Revered for employing a poetic style that speaks powerfully about societal issues -- with just enough rhythm for you to dance along -- every verse from Meek is sure to be remembered and cherished long after he’s gone.

Where does Meek Mill currently live?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

How Old is Meek Mill? Meek Mill Age and Birthday Info

Meek Mill is currently 35 years old, born on May 6, 1987 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Meek Mill has consistently create stunning and electrifying rap music over the last decade.

To celebrate his 35th birthday, he released an EP called Quarantine Pack with three brand new tracks. Meek has certainly made a name for himself as a rapper from humble beginnings to working with various celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Drake.

Always dedicated to giving back to his hometown of Philadelphia, Meek Mill recently donated six million meals to those affected by the pandemic through Feeding America since 2020. He proudly stands up for what he believes in and continuously aims to inspire people all around the world through his music - making him one of today’s most influential personalities that cannot be overlooked!

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What is Meek Mill’s Zodiac Sign

Meek Mill is a Taurus, making him strong-willed and determined. His dedication to music - and his profession as a rapper - has been evident for years now, ever since he blazed onto the scene in 2003.

As any true Taurus does, Meek Mill knows how to set goals and achieve them, no matter what challenges come his way. His willingness to take risks combined with his grounded nature gives him an edge over the competition and ensures that he remains on top of his game.

His creative spirit is fueled by this zodiac sign's desire to be independent while also seeking out relationships that bring balance into life – these qualities help make up the perfect recipe for success in every one of his pursuits. For Meek Mill, Taurus offers both stability and direction when it comes to achieving greatness as a rapper – two things that are essential for continuous growth within this profession.

Despite dealing with various legal issues throughout his career, he has managed to persevere thanks to his natural tenaciousness which stems from being born under this fixed earth sign!

How Did Meek Mill Get Famous?

Meek Mill got famous and popular as a result of his successful rap career. He first entered the scene with the hit single 'Ima Boss' in 2012, launching him into stardom almost immediately.

Since then, he has held steadfast to his career, releasing multiple albums including 'Dreams and Nightmares', which peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. His musical success has brought him celebrity status and adoration from fans around the world, who eagerly await each fresh offering he puts out with anticipation.

Offstage, too, Meek Mill is an icon like no other; with an enviable style that reflects his powerful attitude in every fashion choice he makes. As one of hip-hop's most prominent faces today, it's not hard to see why his fan base grows bigger with each passing day: Meek Mill is a timeless legend who will remain admired long after our time.

Meek Mill Net Worth and Earnings

Meek Mill's net worth is estimated to be $20 million as of May 13, 2023. With a long and successful career in the rap industry, this 35-year-old millionaire has been turning up the heat with his chart-topping hits.

His trade mark song 'Ima Boss', released in 2011, earned him nine million dollars and gained massive popularity among rap fans. Aside from music, his lucrative business deals with clothing lines and endorsements are what keep his bank account ticking over.

Alongside fellow rapper Rick Ross, he runs their label Dream Chasers Records that continues to bring success despite the Covid pandemic halting performances last year. Meek Mill has become an inspiration to many due to his hustle mentality that evidently keeps paying off ashis stunning wealth shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Meek Mill Nationality and Ethnicity

Meek Mill is an American rapper of African-American descent. As one of the most successful hiphop artists in the industry today, his influence transcends far beyond what many believe possible for a minority voice in music.

He continually stands up for those who have been disadvantaged and provides support through his work with organizations such as Reform Alliance, which helps young black lives to overcome the systematic disadvantages they are born into. His songs often speak directly to such injustices, actively pushing back against the racism that younger generations are still unfortunately facing today.

The impact of Meek's ethnic background on his career cannot be denied; he is breaking barriers and becoming a role model for young people around the world, paving the way for greater inclusion and equality within rap music culture.

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Meek Mill Body Measurements

Height: 183 cm or 6′0″
Weight: 69 kg or 152 lbs
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Hair style: afro
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: Yes

Meek Mill's body measurements are 6ft (1.83 m) in height and 69 Kg (154 lbs) in weight, with black hair and brown eyes. As a renowned rapper, his physique plays an important role in his performances and music videos.

Meek Mill embraces being fit for both the physical and mental benefits that come with it, using his stature to demand attention during shows. From hitting the gym to maintaining a clean diet, he has made sure everyone is aware of his commitment to staying in shape to enhance not only his public image but also his agility onstage.

His hard work pays off when fans admire him as he showcases confidence on the mic while lasting long hours performing under intense stage lights – proving fitness can be obtained by hard work!

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