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Michael Herbig
Full name: Michael Herbig
Birthday: April 29, 1968
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Net Worth: $14 Million

Michael Herbig is one of Germany's most accomplished and celebrated figures in the entertainment industry. With a career spanning over 3 decades, this multi-talented actor, director, producer, author, and comedian has won countless awards both nationally and internationally for his groundbreaking works that have left a lasting legacy in film history.

From comedy films to dark thrillers; horror to action; Herbig has done it all! Boasting an impressive net worth of $14 million dollars, it's no wonder why this strikingly talented artist continues to leave us speechless time and time again.

In this exclusive article we take you on a journey through the illustrious career of Michael Herbig. Find out where he began his career as well as how he achieved his staggering success and made it to the top of Hollywood royalty list!

So don't wait any longer – dive into this electrifying read on one of the biggest icons in Germany today!

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Where Is Michael Herbig From and Where Was Michael Herbig Born

Michael Herbig is a celebrated filmmaker and comedian from Germany, born in Munich on April 29, 1968. He has had an illustrious career in the entertainment industry - authoring books, acting and directing films as well as producing his own projects.

The Bavarian native has established himself both nationally and internationally through his works that have been applauded by critics and fans alike. A master storyteller who excels at creating memorable characters, Michael Herbig continues to entertain us with every new movie he releases.

His body of work includes some of the most commercially successful German comedies such as Der Schuh des Manitu (2001), Traumschiff Surprise – Periode 1 (2004) and Bullyparade – Der Film (2017). At 55 years old, this creative genius still shows no signs of slowing down - setting a milestone for other directors to chase after.

As timeless classics continue to be made under the clever vision of Michael Herbig, we can only expect great things from him for many more years to come!

How Old is Michael Herbig? Michael Herbig Age and Birthday Info

Michael Herbig is 55 years old. Born in Munich, Germany on April 29, 1968, Michael Herbig has had a long and successful career.

The now legendary film director, author, actor, screenwriter, film producer and comedian began his entertainment career over 30 years ago when he hit the stage with "Bully & Rick". Not long after he found success in television showing his comedic talent as an anchor for the Pro 7 TV show "Viva Live" which ran from 1995 to 1997.

His big break came when he made his first feature-film directing debut with "Männerpension" (1998). Since then he has gone on to write and direct some of the most well-known comedy blockbusters such as "Traumschiff Surprise – Periode 1" (2004) and "Bullyparade: Der Film" (2017).

Over three decades later since his initial breakout into the entertainment industry Michael Herbig continues to find success at 55 years old.

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What is Michael Herbig’s Zodiac Sign

Michael Herbig is a Taurus, born on April 29, 1968. This is the sign of 'The Bull', symbolizing wealth, stability, and stubbornness in pursuit of goals.

Being grounded and level-headed helps give Michael as a filmmaker the ambition and strength to bring his visions to life. The power that comes from this zodiac sign can be seen through his works - often witty comedy films with intense plots full of drama.

A true Taurean trademark! As Michael continues creating more mind-blowing works, you can count on him having a strong foundation in hard work and determination - never leaving any stone unturned when it comes to understanding how these stories will impact audiences around the world.

As one of Germany's most beloved comedians while also emerging as an internationally renowned writer and director, Michael Herbig has shown us what it truly means to be a Taurus: powerful yet compassionate artistic expression!

Michael Herbig Net Worth and Earnings

Michael Herbig's net worth is estimated to be around $14 million. A multi-talented artist, Michael Herbig has made a name for himself in Germany as an iconic filmmaker, actor, writer, producer and comedian.

His films — including award-winning comedy classics like"Buddy" and "Vale of Tears"—have secured over $100 million at the box office worldwide. With his infectious energy and humour, he has delighted moviegoers across Europe for nearly three decades.

Known among contemporary film directors as a master storyteller, Herbig's influence on popular culture continues to reach far beyond the big screen. From his remarkable work as a director on "The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter"and "Shooting Star" to his best-selling books "Small Life" and "Big Stories", Michael Herbig continues to delight audiences everywhere with his unique brand of entertainment at 55 years old!

Michael Herbig Nationality and Ethnicity

Michael Herbig is a German film director, author, actor, screenwriter, film producer and comedian. His nationality and ethnicity have played a significant role in his professional career.

For example, he often casts German actors in episodes of his show Bullyparade or references German culture in his films. Furthermore, it's undeniable that the hilarity of many scenes has something to do with him understanding how Germans react to certain situations.

In short: Michael Herbig's success lies partly due to the fact that being German informs both his creative decisions and ambitions.

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Michael Herbig Body Measurements

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