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Parker Stevenson
Full name: Parker Stevenson
Birthday: June 04, 1952
Height: No Data
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $10 Million

Meet Parker Stevenson, the ultimate American heartthrob who stole the world's attention with his performances as Frank Hardy in 'The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries' and Craig Pomeroy in 'Baywatch.' With a net worth of an estimated $10 million and spectacular acting chops to match, this beloved actor is sure to inspire.

Read on to find out more about Parker Stevenson – how he rose from humble beginnings to make it big in Hollywood, how he spends his millions today, what motivates him and secrets about his relationships that we've never heard before!

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Where Is Parker Stevenson From and Where Was Parker Stevenson Born

Parker Stevenson is an American actor born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 4th 1952. He is renowned for his tremendous success in the entertainment industry having starred in a range of major films and television shows.

A true renaissance man, Parker Stevenson's impressive career spans over 50 years beginning with his early roles as a child model before becoming America's heartthrob for his quintessential role as Frank Hardy from the NBC mystery drama The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries in 1977. He has continued to entertain audiences to this day including appearing on several episodes of HBO's hit series Ray Donovan and NBC’s primetime soap opera Falcon Crest.

His success throughout his life has been highlighted by being honored at the Daytime Emmy Awards and playing opposite Hollywood stars such as Bill Murray and Demi Moorse. With an award-winning career that still continues today, Parker Stevenson remains one of our greatest American icons with more achievements yet to come!

How Old is Parker Stevenson? Parker Stevenson Age and Birthday Info

Parker Stevenson is 70 years old. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 4, 1952, this talented actor has experienced a long and successful career that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

With over four decades of experience under his belt, Parker's charm and incredible presence seem to shine brighter than ever before. His boyish good looks never seem to age despite the passing of time.

From the start of his acting career in 1977 right up until today, he has managed to keep audiences enthralled with his unique ability to bring characters to life. With a repertoire ranging from feature films such as "The Hardy Boys" movie series during the 80s all the way up until recent television projects like "Blue Bloods" and US productions such as "Tales from The Cryptkeeper" more recently – Parker continues to dazzle viewers with each new venture.

Here's wishing him many more years full of success!

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What is Parker Stevenson’s Zodiac Sign

Parker Stevenson's zodiac sign is Gemini. This sign covers those born from May 21st to June 20th and denotes diversity and intelligence.

For an actor, this means that Parker most likely brings an incredible amount of versatility to his roles; paired with a sharp intellect, he is able to bring characters to life in unique ways. His charm makes him popular with the public, and his wit helps him take on different personas without missing a beat.

Gemini is also adventurous and resourceful, key traits for anyone in Hollywood striving for success! Parker’s ability to find the most interesting scripts has kept him relevant throughout his career – something any aspiring actor should admire.

It’s no wonder why audiences continue to be captivated by the work of this talented Gemini!

Parker Stevenson Net Worth and Earnings

Parker Stevenson's net worth is estimated at around $10 million as of June 6, 2023. The 70-year-old actor and former heartthrob has had a long and prosperous career in Hollywood, appearing in films, television shows, and various other projects.

He started out as a child actor on numerous series before going on to have success with iconic films such as Beach Blanket Bingo and The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries. His vast wealth today comes from his investments in real estate, stocks, bonds and other assets over the years that have produced steady returns for him.

Aside from acting, he also owns an innovative production company that works on both film and television shows. With his evergreen good looks combined with a shrewd mind for business opportunities--his success only continues to grow each year!

Parker Stevenson Nationality and Ethnicity

Parker Stevenson is an American actor of American ethnicity. His nationality has been a great asset to his professional career, as his ability to perform roles from different national backgrounds has helped him land many diverse roles over the years.

As a multi-talented artist and American citizen, Stevenson's unique blend of cultural background has granted him opportunities most actors can only dream of—from lead roles in Hollywood productions to international movie sets around the world; and commercials for high-profile companies like IBM and Mercedes Benz. Without doubt, Parker Stevenson's nationality and ethnicity have allowed him to excel in the entertainment industry.

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Parker Stevenson Body Measurements

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