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Peter May
Full name: Peter May
Birthday: December 20, 1951
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Net Worth: $8 Million

Peter May is a celebrated crime writer, screenwriter, and novelist whose works have earned him international recognition and critical acclaim. Born in Scotland on December 20, 1951, his works span decades of award-winning tales, from the 2006 "China Thriller Trilogy" to the 2020 novel "The Man With No Face".

His impact on the literary world has led to an incredible net worth of $8 million. As if that wasn't enough success for one person's career, Peter was naturalized as a French citizen in April 2016.

If you're looking for an inspiring story to get your creative juices flowing or just want a good old-fashioned crime thriller– no matter what kind of reader you are– this is an article you don't want to miss! From his humble beginnings in Scotland to becoming a multimillionaire with international fame and stature, here's everything you need to know about the remarkable life and career of Peter May.

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Where Is Peter May From and Where Was Peter May Born

Peter May is an acclaimed crime writer, screenwriter and novelist hailing from Glasgow, Scotland who was born on December 20th 1951. As a popular figure within the literary world, Peter has won multiple awards for his works including three CWA Daggers and a Grant Writers' Guild of Scotland Award.

Raised in Glasgow and surrounded by the culture of Scotland throughout his upbringing, his work has often been inspired by vivid imagery from this time that still resonates with him today. In recent years, he's gained acclaim for the television adaptation of his series "The Lewis Trilogy" which was created in partnership with BBC Scotland.

His successful career looks set to continue as Peter prepares to embark on a new venture that will bring him to the big screen. Alongside praise for his writing style, Peter is also admired as an advocate for Scottish talent and proudly promotes little-known authors across different genres primarily through social media platforms such as Twitter.

How Old is Peter May? Peter May Age and Birthday Info

Peter May is 71 years old. Born in Glasgow Scotland on December 20, 1951, this legendary crime writer, screenwriter and novelist has been at the top of his game for decades.

Despite having turned 70 last year, he’s still going strong; recently penning new crime series that span continents and generations alike. Peter May began writing at the tender age of ten; creating thrilling stories in his head during morning commutes to school on the bus.

Drawing inspiration from real-life events was an inherent part of his creative process from a young age. As Peter continued to hone his craft as a storyteller over time, it was only natural that he rose quickly through the ranks in the publishing world.

He continues to bring excitement with each new installment released every couple of years and is just as invested in each project now as he ever has been — an eternal testament to passion that brilliantly keeps audiences coming back for more with every book or screenplay release

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What is Peter May’s Zodiac Sign

Peter May’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius – a sign associated with outgoing, adventurous personalities. As a crime writer, screenwriter and novelist this means Peter has the creative spark that his career requires as well as the motivation to take risks and find unique storytellers within his writing.

His creative imagination is often displayed in captivating storytelling that always keeps readers on their toes. Coupled with his natural intelligence and enthusiasm for learning new things, it's no wonder that Peter May has achieved such successes.

His ability to think flexibly, explore outside of boundaries, and have a thirst for knowledge are all qualities of an unstoppable Sagittarius! He may be growing older but he still knows how to bring out the best in all of us - inspiring us to strive for something bigger in our lives while keeping us entertained at the same time.

Peter May Net Worth and Earnings

Peter May's net worth is estimated to be $8 Million. An icon in the world of crime literature, Peter May has had a truly remarkable career spanning decades that began in Scotland and took him all around the world.

Now 71 years old, his experience as a novelist, screenwriter and crime writer have earned him an impressive fortune. A renaissance man of the 21st century, Peter May is most renowned for his books such as The Blackhouse, The Lewis Trilogy and Entry Island among others.

His talent for writing engaging stories coupled with blockbustering narratives have made him one of the most celebrated authors alive today. But this wasn't always so; Peter May worked hard throughout his life to build up a formidable wealth from humble beginnings in Scotland.

After decades of determination and resilience he has accumulated great success which allowed him to achieve financial security now at age 71. A true inspiration for generations of young minds!

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