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Ian Rankin
Full name: Ian Rankin
Birthday: April 28, 1960
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Net Worth: $10 Million

Introducing Ian Rankin, the award-winning Scottish writer and novelist who has captivated audiences with his razor-sharp crime tales. Born in 1960, Rankin has become one of the most acclaimed authors in modern literature, amassing a net worth of $10 million over his storied career.

His novels have been adapted for television, radio plays and feature films – providing an incredible level of entertainment for loyal readers across the globe. In this exclusive article, get ready to take an inside look into this talented author’s life and discover what makes him such an iconic figure today.

From his early inspirations to his amazing success stories – we will uncover all about Ian Rankin you never knew before!

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Where Is Ian Rankin From and Where Was Ian Rankin Born

Ian Rankin is a world-renowned writer, novelist and crime writer from Cardenden, Scotland. Born on April 28th 1960, he has achieved literary success worldwide for his Rebus series set in Edinburgh, his home of over fifty years.

His books have been adapted for television and translated into 36 languages; many have received prestigious awards such as the Edgar Award, Dagger Awards and Diamond Dagger Award by the Crime Writer's Association (CWA). He was knighted in 2002 for services to literature.

In recent decades, Rankin’s prestige has only grown with time. In 2020 he celebrated 60 years of life and twenty years since the publication of his first novel Knots & Crosses which launched him into international fame within the writing industry almost overnight.

With new books coming out every year as well as collaborations with festivals around the country celebrating literature – including one held each year at Pitlochry’s Festival Theatre – there is no doubt that Mister Rankin will remain at the pinnacle of Scottish Literature for many more generations to come.

How Old is Ian Rankin? Ian Rankin Age and Birthday Info

Ian Rankin is 63 years old. His birthday was on April 28, 1960, and he was born in Cardenden, Scotland.

From his humble beginnings as a crime writer to the top of the literary world, Ian Rankin has been delighting readers for over six decades with his unique take on stories from the dark side of humanity. Most famously known for his Inspector Rebus series of novels which have now been adapted into a successful television show and transformed Rankin into an international sensation, this celebrated author has filled our libraries with countless examples of enthralling tales of mystery and drama - all while keeping us at the edge of our seats!

From writing books that keep us guessing until the very last page to inspiring generations after him to pursue their dreams – Ian Rankin proves that age is nothing but a number when it comes to passion and talent.

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What is Ian Rankin’s Zodiac Sign

Ian Rankin's Zodiac sign is Taurus and this means that he embodies the characteristics of stability, ambition and a strong will to achieve. His birthday indicates a passion for artistic expression and an unwavering stand in his convictions.

As a writer and novelist, these traits have served him well in creating unforgettable stories as part of his genre as a crime writer. Famous writer, Ian Rankin shows all the characteristics of a classic Taurus with an unwavering determination that gives him the ability to stay true on any path he chooses.

He is very reliable, steadfast and unmoving towards the goals he sets for himself: The best-selling author has achieved world recognition having written millions of copies across multiple countries including United States, Germany and Japan. With his commitment to quality over quantity, it’s no wonder why Ian Rankin has been able to keep fans captivated over decades with both intriguing storylines and gripping character development.

Ian Rankin Net Worth and Earnings

Ian Rankin, a renowned crime writer, has an estimated net worth of $10 million as of May 12 2023. The 63-year-old’s career in writing began when he published his first novel at the age of 28 in 1987.

His 30th novel, ‘The Killings at Badger’s Drift,’ was released just last year to wide acclaim. He is best known for creating the Inspector John Rebus book series which has been translated into 22 languages throughout its 32-novel run and is credited with influencing a generation of Scottish writers.

He retains the loyalty and love from fans around the world along with critical praise for his work on everything from novels to television scripts and plays. In addition to writing, Ian Rankin also serves as a vocal advocate for libraries and other literacy initiatives that have benefitted thousands across Scotland and beyond.

Ultimately, Ian's impressive net worth is indicative of a master storyteller who continues to earn tremendous respect - both inside and outside literary circles - after more than three decades in the business.

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Ian Rankin Body Measurements

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