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Piolo Pascual
Full name: Piolo Pascual
Birthday: January 12, 1977
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: , , , , , ,
Net Worth: $7 Million

Piolo Pascual is the undeniable king of Philippine showbiz. He's a multi-talented actor, presenter, model, singer, musician, record producer, and film producer who has been at the very top for more than two decades now.

He's also one of the wealthiest celebrities in the country with a net worth estimated at around $7 million. Are you curious to find out what makes this A-lister so successful?

Then come on an exciting journey through one of Philippines' most famous celebrity biographies! We'll uncover the secrets behind Piolo's remarkable career in show business and his glamorous lifestyle.

From humble beginnings as an aspiring actor up to becoming an international star – there are countless experiences waiting for you to discover! So don't wait any longer – find out how this iconic Filipino celeb made it big now!

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Where Is Piolo Pascual From and Where Was Piolo Pascual Born

Piolo Pascual is an iconic actor, presenter, model, singer, musician, record producer and film producer of Philippine origin born in Manila on January 12 1977. He’s been a major player in the showbiz industry for over two decades now.

His sleek style and magnetic charisma have captivated audiences all around the world with a career that spans both television and film. In 2023, Piolo has achieved legendary status as one of the most influential figures in Philippine entertainment.

From presenting shows like ASAP for almost ten years to headlining over fifty films across different genres it’s no surprise that he continues to be one of the most popular celebrities today. To celebrate his 46th year on this earth he recently released his ninth studio album "Decades" which features collaborations with some of Philippines’ biggest music stars such as Sarah Geronimo and Christian Bautista.

He has also used his platform to advocate for charitable causes such as UNICEF Philippines helping young people fulfil their potential through education and employment projects.

How Old is Piolo Pascual? Piolo Pascual Age and Birthday Info

Piolo Pascual is 46 years old and was born on January 12, 1977 in Manila, Philippines. The multi-talented heartthrob, Piolo Pascual has been nothing short of iconic in the entertainment industry since he began his career over two decades ago at the age of 21.

Currently, the internationally renowned celebrity is celebrating his 46th birthday this month - achieved after a lifetime of hard work and dedication to his craft that has seen him become an actor, presenter, model, singer, musician, record producer and even film producer! His achievements have no limits as he continues to be a source of admiration for people from all walks of life both domestically and overseas.

With so many heartwarming performances under his belt - including roles in films such as 'Starting Over Again' (2014) or shows like 'ASAP Natin 'To' (2020)- it is clear why this Filipino-born star remains beloved by so many around the world. As we toast another year for this exceptional artist turned mogul on January 12th 2023 – let us take a moment to celebrate life's magic moments with Piolo Pascual!

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What is Piolo Pascual’s Zodiac Sign

Piolo Pascual's zodiac sign is Capricorn. As a Capricorn, this multi-talented personality has a great work ethic and excellent time management skills, which have allowed him to successfully juggle his many roles as an actor, presenter, model, singer, musician, record producer and film producer.

This earth sign is confident and driven in its pursuit of success while also staying grounded with feet firmly planted on the ground when it comes to serious matters in life. Being highly disciplined helps Piolo remain focused on achieving excellence in all areas of life– he never stops striving for greatness!

On the other hand – celebrity scene aside – Piolo’s quirky side definitely bubbles over from time to time as he loves indulging in lighthearted fun during downtime. His openness to adventure combined with his unwavering determination leads to experiences that prove enriching beyond belief.

The discipline Capricorns have cultivated throughout their lives will always keep them fully committed regardless of what they may be involved with; for Piolo this means consistently delivering A+ performances even after decades of being a professional actor. All eyes are certainly on him as we watch this true legend shine brighter than ever before!

How Did Piolo Pascual Get Famous?

Piolo Pascual rose to fame as an actor after starring in numerous films and television shows. He got further recognition when he began producing his own music, modeling for several campaigns, and releasing hit albums.

His charisma and acting skills saw him rise to stardom at a very young age, but it was his diligent work ethic that cemented him as one of today's most beloved celebrities. One would think that attaining celebrity status at such a young age would be daunting; however, Piolo Pascual has managed to stay humble and down-to-earth throughout his 46 years in the entertainment industry.

His trademark ability to make fans feel special through unending smiles and positivity is something that makes him stand out even more from other stars—it's no wonder why he's held dearly in the hearts of many Filipinos! From selling out concerts all around Asia to headlining blockbuster movies, Piolo Pascual keeps on inspiring generations with his talent, hard work, whimsical charm – making him truly one of the Philippines' shining stars for decades now.

Piolo Pascual Net Worth and Earnings

Piolo Pascual's net worth is estimated to be $7 million in 2021. This multi-talented actor, presenter, model, singer, musician, record producer and film producer has been able to achieve success in all areas of his life over the years.

On May 26th 2023 Piolo will gracefully turn 46 years old showcasing his iconic sense of style along with the many accomplishments he’s made as an entertainer. His trade mark of portraying characters on camera as well as performing music due to his love for singing and playing a musical instrument have gained him a special place in hearts of many Filipinos.

His own production house Spring Films making various films over the past few years and now venturing into tv shows is also a testament to how his business acumen transcends boundaries; producing hit movies such as ‘Starting Over Again’ and ‘Finally Found Someone’ are among some high profile work that raised his earnings significantly in recent times. This charming Actor continues finding ways to make people happy whether it be by winning awards for his acting or releasing new songs every once in awhile - proving that age may just be but a number when it comes to achieving goals!

Piolo Pascual Nationality and Ethnicity

Piolo Pascual is an internationally acclaimed Filipino actor, presenter, model, singer, musician, record producer and film producer. His nationality and Filipino ethnicity have played a key role in his successful career path - from his beginnings as the first Pinoy pop heartthrob to becoming one of the most notable faces of Philippine cinema.

With his strong Filipino roots often being highlighted in projects he’s involved with, Pascual has managed to successfully influence both local and international markets with his distinct style - while remaining true to his heritage. From navigating cultural nuances between commercial films to speaking Tagalog during interviews worldwide; it’s evident that for Piolo Pascual’s national identity wasn’t just another marketing ploy but rather an intentional way of connecting to audiences around the globe by understanding their culture as well as exercising pride for where he comes from.

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Piolo Pascual Body Measurements

Height: 179 cm or 5′10″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Piolo Pascual's body measurements are as follows: height of 5 ft 10 in (1.79 m), weight unknown. His versatile profession requires him to be in peak physical shape, and his vital statistics are the perfect combination for excelling at multiple tasks such as acting, presenting, modeling and singing.

Pascual maintains a healthy lifestyle that enables him to stay fit and look good on screen while also having enough physical strength for musical performances and film production duties. He takes pride in being an example of athleticism among other Filipino celebrities.

Through careful balance of diet and exercise, he manages to remain fit without sacrificing his energy or enthusiasm – making it easier to keep up with his rigorous schedule.

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