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Richard Gadd
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Richard Gadd, the acclaimed comedian and writer, is now confirmed as a millionaire thanks to his deal with Netflix. As both creator and star of the show “Baby Reindeer,” his financial status saw a significant boost. The show made its debut on Netflix in 2023 after premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019. Recent financial disclosures reveal that Richard Gadd’s personal company, RRSG Ltd., saw profits soaring to £836,233 in 2023.

Baby Reindeer” explores some of the darker aspects of human experience, drawing from personal traumas. Richard Gadd shared in an interview how revisiting painful memories for his show was challenging but ultimately insightful.

It was tough, I can’t deny,” he said, reflecting on the emotional toll of reliving past experiences for the sake of art. The company behind him, RRSG Ltd., now reports assets totaling £1 million with cash reserves amounting to £819,959.

The dramatic escalation in yearly profits for RRSG Ltd., from £178,344 in 2022 to over £836,000 this year highlights the financial impact of Gadd’s collaboration with Netflix. Not only did this partnership enhance his earnings significantly but it also broadened his reach globally.

Besides “Baby Reindeer,” Richard Gadd has also contributed as a writer to another popular Netflix series, “Sex Education.” His creative touches have earned him high regard within the industry and his shows have consistently received critical acclaim since he started performing at Edinburgh Fringe back in 2013.

Movies and TV Shows

Richard Gadd is featured in the following movies and TV shows as an actor:

  • Baby Reindeer (2024)
  • A Bear Named Wojtek (2024)
  • Truth Serum (2022)
  • Wedding Season (2022)
  • Code 404 (2020-2022)
  • Ladybaby (2021)
  • Outlander (2020)
  • Amazonia (2019)
  • Whippersnap (2019)
  • Urban Myths (2019)
  • Clique (2019)
  • Diane’s New Boyfriend (2018)
  • Humans (2018)
  • Against the Law (2017)
  • Vicious (2016)
  • Tripped (2015)
  • Scot Squad (2014)
  • BBC Comedy Feeds (2012)

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