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Ron Rivera
Full name: Ron Rivera
Birthday: January 07, 1962
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: , , ,
Net Worth: $10 Million

Meet Ron Rivera, an American football player, coach and champion. This two-time NFL Coach of the Year (2013 & 2015) has taken life’s adversities head on, giving American sports fans optimism and leadership to look up to.

From humble beginnings in a single parent home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to a successful professional career as a Super Bowl-winning coach of the Washington Football Team; Ron's incredible story is not one to miss! Whether it be his nine consecutive winning seasons with Carolina Panthers or his celebrated role off the field during racial discrimination protests; this is one man whose biography needs no introduction.

Read on to find out why this powerful leader continues to motivate millions around the world!

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Where Is Ron Rivera From and Where Was Ron Rivera Born

Ron Rivera, a renowned American football player and coach, was born on January 7, 1962 in Fort Ord, California. On this day that would be 61 years ago, who could have known little Ronny had so much greatness in his future?

Now with over a decade of success under his belt since becoming head coach for the Carolina Panthers in 20111 and later being named 2019 Coach of The Year by The Associated Press is an outstanding feat. Over these past 11 years as a leader he has been able to bring life into every team he has taken the reins of.

After three straight NFC Championship appearances while at Carolina he then moved onto Washington DC where he took up the challenge of leading one of the most storied franchises in all professional sports. More recently it will come as no shocker that Ron Rivera won 2021's Super Bowl LVI with the Washington Redskins due to his immense talent and leadership skills.

21 May 2023 marks yet another wonderful year living out his ultimate dream where you can find him teaching young minds on and off the field alike how to be great within themselves.

How Old is Ron Rivera? Ron Rivera Age and Birthday Info

RON RIVERA IS 61 YEARS OLD. He was born on January 7, 1962 in Fort Ord, California.

Time has been good to Ron Rivera. Nearly six decades after his birth at the United States Army base in Fort Ord, California, he is still living his best life and inspiring others with both his action and words as a professional American football player-turned coach – one of the first Mexican-American head coaches in NFL history.

This year marks 30 years of stellar career for Rivera who continues to accomplish new successes as head coach for the Washington Football Team since 2020; a role he won despite tough odds and discrimination due to race, nationality or gender. While most celebrate their 60 birthday turning back time with family trips abroad or spa days; the only thing Ron wanted while entering the big 6-0 was a Super Bowl ring which he won two years later when coaching Carolina Panthers - honoring his beloved team's motto "Keep Pounding".

Now 61 years old, Coach Rivera enjoys adding more chapters to an already impressive career - but as he says himself: "I am who I am because of everything I did before" - We could not agree more!

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What is Ron Rivera’s Zodiac Sign

Ron Rivera's zodiac sign is Capricorn, suggesting a born leader whose ambition and drive for success are unparalleled. As an American football player, coach, and mentor, these traits have helped him stand out from the crowd: he has achieved great heights in his career as head coach of the Carolina Panthers and Washington Football Team in the National Football League (NFL).

His consistent hard work ethic has resulted in multiple NFC championship game appearances as well as Super Bowl runs. He has been named NFL Coach of the Year twice and was inducted into the Panthers' Hall of Honor in 2020.

Behind this success lies Ron Rivera's unwavering belief that discipline is key to achieving his goals; he counts reliability, dedication and professionalism amongst his finest attributes - each integral qualities to any successful professional athlete or coach. Achieving such outstanding results speaks volumes about Ron's strength of character – two defining E’s which demonstrate exactly why this experienced Capricorn contributes so extraordinarily to American football culture today.

Ron Rivera Net Worth and Earnings

Ron Rivera is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million as of May 9, 2023. The 61-year-old American football player and coach has earned his wealth through decades of hard-fought matches and experiences on the field and sidelines.

From a linebacker in the 80s for the Chicago Bears, to becoming the first Hispanic head coach in NFL history at Carolina Panthers in 2011 - Rivera's successes on both sides of the ball have made him one of the most respected voices in American football today. He continues to make waves as an influential figure off the sidelines with several community initiatives such as his own foundations supporting youth sports activities and United States Armed Forces.

Rivera is truly an example for young generations who are looking for success not only by playing football but also by giving back to their respective communities - setting a legacy that will transcend beyond any score points ever achieved within four years.

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Ron Rivera Body Measurements

Height: 191 cm or 6′3″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Ron Rivera's body measurements are 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m) tall and a physique that has been honed over years of athleticism, hard work, and dedication to his craft. In the world of professional sports like American football, having a strong set of physical characteristics is essential to success.

As one of the most recognizable coaches in the NFL, Ron Rivera's height and build have enabled him to excel as a top-performing athlete for more than two decades. His exceptional size him makes an intimidating presence on the sideline and enhances his ability to motivate players towards victory.

Whether he's taking snaps on the field or leading from behind it, Ron Rivera always looks great doing it with a body made for success!

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