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Sebastian Ingrosso
Full name: Sebastian Ingrosso
Birthday: April 20, 1983
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Net Worth: $10 Million

Sebastian Ingrosso has quickly established himself as one of the world's top DJs and producers, and now his life story is yours to discover. Born in Sweden on April 21, 1983, this 35-year-old producer has brought us some of the biggest EDM tracks of all time.

With a net worth estimated at $10 million, Sebastian Ingrosso is living every music lover's dream: producing iconic bangers from his own studio that fill dance floors around the world! So what made him so successful?

Read on to find out more about Sebastian Ingrosso's journey from bedroom DJ to international superstar!

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Where Is Sebastian Ingrosso From and Where Was Sebastian Ingrosso Born

Sebastian Ingrosso is a Swedish DJ and producer born in Stockholm on April 21, 1983. Despite his relatively young age, the 40-year-old has already established an impressive career in the music industry.

As one of Sweden's finest DJs, he has headlined some of the most prestigious music events around the world while remaining true to his hometown roots. From playing sold out shows at the iconic Avicii Arena to churning out chart topping hits such as "Reload" with fellow Swede Alesso, Ingrosso is one of dance music's most renowned producers.

With an impeccable ear for good sound and a style that never gets old, Sebastian Ingrosso continues to set trends for today's electronic music landscape decade after decade and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

How Old is Sebastian Ingrosso? Sebastian Ingrosso Age and Birthday Info

Sebastian Ingrosso, the award-winning producer and DJ from Stockholm, Sweden, is 40 years old. He was born on April 21, 1983.

At 40 years old, Sebastian Ingrosso has become a household name in EDM circles around the world. His signature style of production is evidenced in hits like Reload and Calling that have won both critical acclaim and worldwide chart success.

Fittingly for someone who has had a hand in some of the most influential music of our time, his highly anticipated performances are always accompanied by performance pyrotechnics that captivate audiences everywhere he goes. Even after two decades in the industry, his passion for creating new sounds motivates him to push further into uncharted territory with every release.

Whether producing or performing live at massive events such as Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival - Sebastian Ingrosso's incredible energy and enthusiasm show no signs of slowing down as he continues to make history!

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What is Sebastian Ingrosso’s Zodiac Sign

Sebastian Ingrosso's zodiac sign is Taurus, making him a persistent and reliable individual. As both a DJ and producer, these qualities are extremely beneficial to his creative process - providing the drive needed for hours of practice and honing the craft.

Additionally, Taurus' have strong points in their communication skills which really help in this line of work since they can negotiate better deals with partners, as well as convey a vision more effectively to get others on board. With hard work and dedication, Sebastian has managed to make a name for himself over the years and become one of electronic dance music's most influential icons.

His grounded yet determined attitude aligns perfectly with his zodiac sign’s traits – ultimately leading him to be an incredibly sought-after artist who continues to break boundaries and inspire future generations from behind the decks.

How Did Sebastian Ingrosso Get Famous?

Sebastian Ingrosso is a Swedish DJ and producer who gained fame for his work with the popular EDM group, Swedish House Mafia. He has since gone on to become one of the most sought-after DJs in the world, playing shows worldwide and releasing countless hit singles.

In 2003, Sebastian began collaborating with other music producers, which skyrocketed his popularity. Soon after he formed Swedish House Mafia with Axwell and Steve Angello in 2008; they released several charting singles that became international hits — their biggest being 'One' featuring Pharrell Williams from 2011's Until Now album.

Since then, he has been headlining festivals like Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival and Creamfields UK while continuing to make music as a solo artist and part of SHM. Sebastian Ingrosso is no doubt one of the world's biggest DJs today.

His passion for music has inspired millions around the globe through his innovative sound design techniques coupled with crowd-pleasing anthems. As he begins a new chapter in his career at age 40 this year (2023), there's no limit to how far this legendary artist can take us!

Sebastian Ingrosso Net Worth and Earnings

Sebastian Ingrosso's Net Worth is estimated to be around $10 Million. At the young age of 40, this music producer and DJ has become a sensation for his genre-defying remixes and innovative productions.

Having his own record label in 2005, Refune Records, he began collaborating with famous DJs such as Alesso and Steve Angello to expand their discography. Ingrosso's success continued when he joined forces with Axwell and Steve Angelo to form the supergroup Swedish House Mafia.

By 2013 they had reached international status with chart-topping hits like "Don't You Worry Child" that gained hundreds of millions of streams worldwide. Today, Sebastian Ingross is one of the most sought-after EDM producers who continues to build upon an impressive legacy that started back in 2005.

With years of experience under his belt, there’s no doubt that fans can expect many more high caliber tracks from him!

Sebastian Ingrosso Nationality and Ethnicity

Sebastian Ingrosso is a Swedish DJ and producer with both Swedish nationality and ethnicity. As someone born, raised, and living in the Scandinavian nation of Sweden, Ingrosso has been able to draw upon its vibrant cultural scene for inspiration.

Doing so has helped him create genre-defying sounds that have earned him critical success far beyond his home country's borders; as a result he was nominated for the 2017 Grammis Award for Producer of the Year and named Electronic Dance Music Man of the Year by iHeartRadio in 2019. This speaks volumes to how Swedish nationality and ethnicity have acted as cornerstones of Ingrosso’s career, providing not only an inspiring backdrop but also offering global audiences a unique perspective on electronic music.

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Sebastian Ingrosso Body Measurements

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