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Shawn Hatosy
Full name: Shawn Hatosy
Birthday: December 29, 1975
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $5 Million

Shawn Hatosy is one of Hollywood's most enigmatic figures. He began his career in 1994, and has since become renowned for often playing the troubled characters fans love to hate.

With a net worth of five million dollars, this actor-extraordinaire has made an indelible mark on the entertainment industry that can never be erased. From his troubled roles like Tommy Calleri in Outside Providence (1999) to the sociopathic Pope Cody in Animal Kingdom (2015), Shawn brings an intense realism to every project he partakes in.

But what else don't we know about this enigmatic Hollywood figure? Dive into Shawn Hatosy's glamorous world to get a sneak peek at some of his untold secrets!

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Where Is Shawn Hatosy From and Where Was Shawn Hatosy Born

Shawn Hatosy is a popular American actor, born in Frederick, Maryland on December 29, 1975. He has enjoyed a successful career in both television and film since the late 90s.

Whether he's playing a cop or a criminal, an average Joe or an upstanding citizen, Shawn consistently delivers amazing performances to his wide array of fans around the world. From humble beginnings in small-town America to the bright lights of Hollywood stardom — Shawn Hatosy’s journey is truly inspirational.

Raised by hardworking parents who worked tirelessly to provide for their family of six kids; Shawn always knew how important it was to chase his dreams and never give up hope. After years of dedication and hard work he was able to make his dreams come true with memorable roles in films like Alpha Dog (2006) and Southland (2009).

His star continues to rise as he adds more projects each year to his impressive list of credits. If you ask him now what drives him forward most days you will get the same answer — "to keep exploring new horizons and making things better for the next generation".

With so much grit and determination it seems there’s nothing this man can’t do!

How Old is Shawn Hatosy? Shawn Hatosy Age and Birthday Info

Shawn Hatosy is 47 years old and was born on December 29, 1975 in Frederick, Maryland. The renowned actor has had a storied career that has taken him across both television and movie screens over the past few decades.

On his 47th birthday last December, he reflected on some of his life's greatest triumphs and obstacles during this time in an interview with Vogue magazine. He expressed ambition to continue pushing boundaries as an actor, reflecting on the challenges that come with creating new roles every day.

"I'm still learning new things about myself," he said. "The most important thing I've discovered is how much I want to keep growing as a person and an artist."

After starring various projects throughout 2021 such as the TNT series Animal Kingdom and Netflix's All Together Now, Shawn plans to embark on many more exploration of characters in the near future — making sure it remains meaningful for viewers like always.

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What is Shawn Hatosy’s Zodiac Sign

Shawn Hatosy's zodiac sign is Capricorn, born December 29, 1975. This makes him a reliable and hardworking individual that knows how to climb the ladder of success.

As an actor/actress in Hollywood, he has used this quality with great precision. His business acumen and ability to stay focused on his goals have enabled him to remain at the top of his profession for so many years.

With ambition always running through his veins, Shawn is gifted with the innate drive and know-how to manifest what he visualizes into reality. Anchored in raw determination and self-discipline, Capricorns are known as one of the most successful signs in astrology due to their patient approach towards life – qualities that have undoubtedly been advantageous to Shawn’s career thus far!

Like all good Capricorns, Hatosy values loyalty and structure above all else - something which can be seen reflected in each role he takes on (and does justice) for each character he portrays! Despite having nearly half a century under his belt by now – there seems to be no slowing down for Shawn Hatosy anytime soon: a true testament that dedication truly pays off!

How Did Shawn Hatosy Get Famous?

Shawn Hatosy became famous and popular due to his wide range of acting roles portraying troubled, sociopathic characters. His first major role was in 1999 when he played the lead character's brother in the hit movie Outside Providence.

After that, he starred in a variety of movies which earned him critical acclaim, including The Salton Sea (2002), Alpha Dog (2006) before eventually landing a prominent role as Detective Sammy Bryant on TNT's series Southland (2009-2013). Off-screen, Hatosy has been married to actress Taryn Manning since 2002 and is father to three children.

Despite living life out of the spotlight for most of his career, Hatosy has continuously crafted an impressive body of work cementing himself firmly within Hollywood’s A-list. In this exclusive interview with Vogue Magazine Shawn reveals never seen before details about his journey into fame – from humble beginnings as an actor in California all the way up to becoming recognized for his unique talent around the world.

His mesmerizing performances have captivated film critics and viewers alike - from tumultuous tales such as Janie Jones (2010) to high octane thrillers like Baby Driver (2017). He reflects upon how working alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest names showed him "a different side to acting" , inspiring him go further than ever before on screen and offcreen – ensuring that today his status remains secure amongst Hollywood’s elite actors!

Shawn Hatosy Net Worth and Earnings

Shawn Hatosy has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of June 8, 2023. A leading actor in Hollywood, best known for his often troubled or sociopathic characters, Shawn's career has taken off since his humble beginnings.

Through hard work and dedication to craft, he has become one of the most sought-after actors in the industry. His diverse repertoire carries him across multiple genres from feature films to comedies and television shows.

From playing a dynamic lead role in gritty dramas to portraying unique comedic characters, Shawn always exceeds expectations on screen. With plenty more projects lined up for the future, along with an ever-growing fan base worldwide, it looks like this is just the beginning for Shawn Hatosy!

Shawn Hatosy Nationality and Ethnicity

Shawn Hatosy is an American actor, with a mixed ethnic background of Irish, Hungarian, German, English, Scottish and French-Canadian roots. His diverse ethnicity has been crucial to his success in Hollywood - from playing an Irish gangster in Alpha Dog to exploring the nuances of the Hungarian immigrant experience in Outside Industry.

As both an actor and director, Shawn seeks out projects that explore multiculturalism. He sees his unique blend of cultures as a source of strength and confidence during auditions and he constantly draws upon this richness for inspiration.

With each role he strives to break stereotypes by allowing his intricate cultural identity to shine through on-screen.

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Shawn Hatosy Body Measurements

Height: 175 cm or 5′8″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Shawn Hatosy is a 5'9" American actor. His height and slim physique have certainly helped him land some of the most iconic roles in film, television, and theatre.

As an experienced actor, he knows how to make his body fit any role he plays. Through hard work and dedication, Shawn has trained himself to maintain the perfect mix of strength and agility that helps create realistic characters who appear lifelike on screen.

In addition to honing his physical fitness, he takes every opportunity to be creative with his costumes and wardrobe choices-to-help further express him as an artist.

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