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Theresa Vail
Full name: Theresa Vail
Birthday: October 01, 1990
Height: No Data
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $500 Thousand

Get ready to meet the ultimate definition of a modern-day beauty queen, Theresa Vail. Not only is she a stunning model who graced the stage of the 2013 Miss America pageant, but she is also an army sergeant who served her country in Afghanistan.

With a net worth of $500 thousand and dozens of accolades under her belt, including being named "Miss Kansas" in 2013 and earning the title of "Ultimate Outdoorwoman" by Field & Stream magazine, Vail has become a role model for many young women worldwide. In this article, we’ll delve into Theresa’s inspiring journey from growing up on a ranch to becoming one of the most iconic military figures in American history.

Get ready to learn what makes this courageous woman stand out from the rest and discover how she continues to inspire young girls all around the globe!

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How Old is Theresa Vail? Theresa Vail Age and Birthday Info

Theresa Vail is 32 years old. She was born on October 1, 1990.

Theresa Vail, the stunning military officer and beauty pageant queen, turns another year older today! Born on October 1, 1990, she celebrates her birthday with a list of impressive accomplishments to her name.

The first Miss America contestant to openly display tattoos on stage, Vail has continued to break down stigmas and barriers throughout her career. Eager to serve her country in any way possible, she joined the Kansas Army National Guard at just 17 years old.

Since then, she has become an expert marksman and even competed on America's Top Marksman show. But it's not only about physical prowess for this inspiring woman – Theresa is also committed to promoting mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

In addition to her military duties, Vail regularly volunteers for various non-profit organizations that aim to support veterans and their families. As Theresa blows out the candles today, we can't wait to see what incredible feats she'll tackle next!

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What is Theresa Vail’s Zodiac Sign

Theresa Vail, a military personnel born on October 1, 1990, is a Libra. As an air sign represented by scales, Libras are known for their diplomatic nature and ability to balance things out.

This quality can be incredibly useful in the military, where making decisions under pressure with accuracy is crucial. Libras also value justice and fairness, which may align with the values of many branches of the military.

Moreover, Theresa's zodiac sign suggests that she has strong communication skills and enjoys working collaboratively with others. In addition to being a valuable asset in team-oriented environments like the military, these qualities may also make her an effective leader when necessary.

Overall, while astrology should not be used as a sole predictor of career success or compatibility within certain professions like the military, it can provide insight into certain personality traits and strengths that may lend themselves well to specific job requirements.

Theresa Vail Net Worth and Earnings

Theresa Vail's net worth is $500 thousand. At just 32 years old, the US Army veteran and former Miss Kansas has accomplished a lot in her career.

Despite facing discrimination for being a woman in the military, Vail proudly served her country as a member of the Kansas Army National Guard. She also made history as the first Miss America contestant to openly display tattoos during the competition.

But Vail's success doesn't stop there – she has also established herself as an accomplished television host and outdoor enthusiast. Her passion for hunting and wilderness exploration led her to co-hosting "Limitless with Theresa Vail" on Outdoor Channel.

With such a diverse range of accomplishments under her belt, it's no surprise that Theresa Vail's net worth continues to grow. And we can't wait to see what exciting projects she takes on next!

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Theresa Vail Body Measurements

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