Celebrities who are 167 cm or 5′5″ tall

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Masayoshi Son
  • Celebrities

1. Masayoshi Son

Net Worth: $22300 Million

Masayoshi Son is the epitome of success; a self-made billionaire investor, tech entrepreneur, and philanthropist from Japan. Born on August 11, 1957, he has made his own fortune estimated to be worth a whopping $22300 Million. His journey in the world of business started with establishing an IT firm in Tokyo right after graduating from…
Kim Reynolds
  • Politician

2. Kim Reynolds

Net Worth: $310 Million

"From small-town girl to powerhouse politician, Kim Reynolds has captivated the nation with her unwavering determination and unbreakable spirit. As the first female governor of Iowa, she has shattered glass ceilings and defied all expectations, making waves in the political arena like never before. With a net worth of $310 million, this charismatic force is…
Jamie Kern
  • Journalist

3. Jamie Kern

Net Worth: $200 Million

Introducing Jamie Kern, one of America’s most successful businesswomen and the powerhouse behind a multi-million dollar makeup brand. Born in 1977, Kern began her career as an award-winning journalist before transforming the beauty industry with IT Cosmetics. She has achieved a net worth of $200 million from her inspiring journey, making her one of the…
Lauralee Bell
  • Actor

4. Lauralee Bell

Net Worth: $200 Million

Discover the inspiring life story of "The Young and the Restless" star, Lauralee Bell. Born in 1968, this multi-talented actress, director and screenplay writer from the United States of America has led a fascinating journey to become one of Hollywood's most successful women with an estimated net worth of $200 million. From her humble beginnings…
Jim Cramer
  • TV Personality

5. Jim Cramer

Net Worth: $150 Million

Meet Jim Cramer, the self-made millionaire and TV personality who has worked his way up from his humble origins to become a household name. He's been on Wall Street for over 30 years, worked as an investment banker, hedge fund manager and co-founder of TheStreet.com before eventually making it onto television with shows like Mad…
Bruce Dickinson
  • Airline Pilot

6. Bruce Dickinson

Net Worth: $115 Million

From rock icon to high-flying pilot, this English Renaissance man has conquered realms beyond your wildest dreams. Brace yourself, because we're diving deep into the extraordinary life of Bruce Dickinson – the legendary musician, songwriter, singer, and airline pilot whose captivating story will leave you breathless. Known as the golden voice behind one of heavy...
Roger Daltrey
  • Actor

7. Roger Daltrey

Net Worth: $100 Million

From rockstar to silver screen sensation, the enigmatic Roger Daltrey has conquered every stage he's set foot on. As the iconic lead vocalist of The Who, this legendary British musician has left an indelible mark on music history with his powerhouse vocals and electrifying performances. But what lies beneath that magnetic stage presence? In this…
Princess Anne
  • Equestrian

8. Princess Anne

Net Worth: $100 Million

Meet the incredible Princess Anne – a lobbyist, equestrian and member of the British royal family. Born on August 15th, 1950 to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, she’s also an efficient philanthropist with a net worth of more than one hundred million dollars! The epitome of elegance and grace, her life is filled with…
Harry Shearer
  • Actor

9. Harry Shearer

Net Worth: $85 Million

From the voice behind some of your favorite characters to an accomplished actor, Harry Shearer is a name worth knowing. Best known for his role as Derek Smalls in the mockumentary 'This Is Spinal Tap', this legendary performer has captured audiences from all corners of Hollywood. With decades of experience, he's managed to accumulate a…
Vanna White
  • TV Personality

10. Vanna White

Net Worth: $85 Million

Vanna White, the iconic TV personality, has been lighting up screens for over three decades as the co-host of Wheel of Fortune. From her dazzling outfits to her charming personality and signature smile, she's captured hearts all around the world. But what lies behind that sparkling exterior? In this biography, we explore everything from Vanna's…