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Marc Lamont Hill
Full name: Marc Lamont Hill
Birthday: December 17, 1978
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Net Worth: $1 Million

Meet Marc Lamont Hill, the eminent TV Journalist, Professor, Presenter and Author! This brilliant American is taking the world by storm with his impressive professional accomplishments.

From being an esteemed Anthropologist to a renowned Activist, his immense knowledge and wit has made headlines across various leading media outlets. With a whopping net worth of $1 Million, catch us as we take you on a ride through the life of this incredible luminary who is making waves everywhere he goes!

Whether it's about his authoritative yet humble demeanour or awe-inspiring career journey till now – one thing's for sure; everyone needs to know more about this incredible personality that is truly worth reading about!

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Where Is Marc Lamont Hill From and Where Was Marc Lamont Hill Born

Marc Lamont Hill is an acclaimed American TV journalist, professor, presenter, author, commentator, anthropologist and activist born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 17th 1978. Over the years he has been an strong advocate for many causes throughout his career and is a well respected figure in television with appearances on dozens of renowned shows such as Good Morning America and Anderson Cooper 360°.

He was also named one of "The Root 100" most influential African Americans from 2009-2019. In recent times Marc Lamont Hill has become a political personality with ideals that promote justice and equality.

At 45 years old he continues to fight for what he believes in through activism and opinionated columns published widely across the United States. His views are admired by millions who share similar values about social issues which allows him to bring attention to important topics that should be discussed more broadly.

How Old is Marc Lamont Hill? Marc Lamont Hill Age and Birthday Info

Marc Lamont Hill is 44 years old. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 17, 1978 to mother Janice Hill and father Walter Banks Jones Jr., Marc has gone on to become one of the most respected TV personalities of his generation.

A household name today, Marc is a highly sought-after journalist, professor, presenter, author, commentator and anthropologist whose work covers topics from Black Theory to youth activism and mass incarceration. With his passion for justice for all people being front and center at every step he takes throughout his career it's no wonder why even after achieving so much success over the past five decades he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Today we are blessed enough to still have him bring us words of wisdom on the small screen and thank mighty powers above that we live in an age where Marc Lamont Hill can be part of what we watch every day!

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What is Marc Lamont Hill’s Zodiac Sign

Marc Lamont Hill's zodiac sign is Sagittarius. As a TV Journalist, Professor, Presenter, Author, Commentator, Anthropologist, TV Personality and Activist he makes full use of the sign’s eloquent charm and effervescent wit to spread his message of inclusivity and empathy.

His never-ending curiosity drives him to live life with an open heart and explore the unknown—valuable skills for any modern journalist. But it’s not just the optimism of Sagittarius that makes Marc stand out among his peers; its more than that.

His drive for knowledge gives him an unparalleled ability to gather information from different sources and draw balanced conclusions without bias or prejudice—something invaluable for a communicator in today’s climate. With a cast iron belief in justice rooted firmly in his Sagittarian star sign, Marc Lamont Hill stands tall as an inspirational icon who brings knowledge and understanding to millions worldwide through compassion and sheer brilliance.

Marc Lamont Hill Net Worth and Earnings

Marc Lamont Hill has an estimated net worth of $1 million. The 44 year old multi-talented professor and TV Host is standing tall as a symbol of success, with an impressive career in both academia and the media.

From being an anthropologist to advocating for human rights, Hill has ventured fearlessly into various professions and excelled at them. Through his inspiring works on television as well as behind the scenes, he has been able to accumulate such a high net worth to gain himself a place among the most successful people in the world.

Today, Marc Lamont Hill continues to be a prominent figure in many areas – particularly broadcasting and lecture halls around the globe – where he shares his captivating stories from decades of knowledge acquisition from different academic disciplines along with activism for various civil causes that affect society's well-being. His exceptional combination of professional accomplishments and charitable endeavours have made him worthy of recognition by peers across multiple industries.

Marc Lamont Hill Nationality and Ethnicity

Marc Lamont Hill is an American of African-American descent. His ethnicity and nationality have been integral to his professional success as a TV Journalist, Professor, Presenter, Author, Commentator, Anthropologist, TV Personality and Activist.

His cultural influences guide him in everything from lectures to television appearances; providing insight into minority issues that would otherwise lack representation in the media. In particular he has used his expertise to advise decision makers on how to address pressing socio-political challenges facing Black communities around the globe.

For Marc Lamont Hill, being American and of African-American descent isn’t just about personal identity but also guides him professionally - ultimately giving diverse audiences access to informative content that accurately reflects their experiences and perspectives.

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Marc Lamont Hill Body Measurements

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